LG Air Conditioner WiFi [Problems & Solutions]

Having a smart LG air conditioner allows you to control the appliance from your phone without being close to it. But an LG air conditioner WiFi can develop faults that make it unusable. This article explains ways to solve the problems.

LG Air Conditioner WiFi Blinking – Quick Fix

If the WiFi in your LG air conditioner is blinking, ensure the connection is still strong. Press the WiFi button until it turns off. Next, turn the WiFi off and on again. If it is a portable air conditioner, press the Fan button and hold it for about three seconds or until the WiFi icon begins to flash. On some models, you will need to press the Mode and fan buttons to activate WiFi. a few models require you to press the Jet mode and Energy Saver buttons for the WiFi activation. Consult the user manual for steps to activate WiFi on your specific model.

The blinking you see may be that you need to register the unit or reconnect to WiFi. If there is a disconnection and the WiFi is idle, it may start blinking. There may be an obstruction between the router and the air conditioner, cutting off the connection. Also, ensure the password is correct.

Turn off the WiFi and disconnect it from your phone or any other device. Next, turn it on again and reconnect it through your phone. This time, make sure there is a seamless flow between the unit and the router and enter the correct password. If nothing else seems to work, contact LG Support Center to report the issue and request service.

LG Air Conditioner WiFi Disconnected – Quick Fix

You will notice that the WiFi of your LG air conditioner is disconnected if the router’s signal is poor or unavailable. Check the air conditioner’s power cord; ensure it is fully plugged into the wall outlet. Also, check the antenna of the WiFi router to be sure it is on.

The WiFi name and password may have changed. This happens if you are not the only one with access to the router. Therefore, it helps to double-check the name and password; if they have changed, use the new details to reconnect the air conditioner to your WiFi.

Another possibility is that your WiFi password is too weak, and outsiders have access to it, weakening the signal. Ensure the password is strong, at least eight characters long, with a combination of letters, numbers, and special symbols.

Furthermore, using the router to access live videos or to operate CCTV weakens the signals and leads to disconnection. If you use CCTV or stream live videos, you may want to get and install another router to lessen the load. That way, all the data does not go to one router to weaken its signal.

LG Air Conditioner WiFi Not Blinking – Quick Fix

A connection problem with the air conditioner or the router may cause the WiFi not to blink. Typically, the WiFi should not flash after registering and connecting the air conditioner to WiFi. It should be lit but steady, not blinking. This article explains situations that cause the WiFi to blink in detail.

LG Air Conditioner Not Connecting to WiFi – Solved

Reset the air conditioner by disconnecting it from electric power. After about thirty seconds, reconnect it to electric power and start the registration process from the beginning.  Follow the prompts on your phone’s screen to connect the unit to WiFi, as this article explains in detail.

LG Air Conditioner WiFi Setup – Guiding Steps

Setting up the WiFi on your LG air conditioner is pretty straightforward, as explained in this article in detail. Ensure you have the LG app on your phone before attempting to set it up. Also, note that the process of connecting to WiFi on a portable unit is slightly different from that of connecting to other units.

LG Air Conditioner WiFi Not Working – What to Do

If you have connected your LG air conditioner to WiFi, but it is not working, it may be because the signal is not strong. Try opening an app that connects to the internet on your device. If the app opens on your device, the WiFi is not the source of the problem; you need to check the air conditioner. Contact LG Support for further assistance.

However, if the internet app does not open, check the router’s antenna to ensure it is on and lit. Also, check to see that nothing is blocking the signal to the air conditioner from the router. The password must be correct and strong; a weak password is easily compromised and it weakens the signal.

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LG Air Conditioner WiFi Password Not Working – Solution

If the WiFi password is not working on your LG air conditioner, you may have entered an incorrect password. Check the on-screen network on your device; you will see some characters and numbers that typically look like this: LG_AC_…. . Type in the last four numbers of the network on the screen twice. For instance, if you see LG_AC_4242, enter the last four for password thus: 42424242.

Ensure you use the right case for the password if you add letters. Some phones automatically change the first letter to uppercase, even for passwords. Double-check the password after entering it to ensure none is in uppercase if it applies.

The registration process for the air conditioner allows you to use only one phone or device per time. So, the WiFi will not work or it will show an incorrect password if another user connects before you. Turn off the air conditioner, turn it on again, and try reconnecting it to WiFi.

You may want to reset the air conditioner. Disconnect the air conditioner from electric power and leave it that way for ten seconds, at least. Reconnect the unit to electric power afterward and press its Power button. The process gives the compressor time to reboot and may correct the WiFi error. However, contact LG to report the issue if it continues after taking these steps. It is in the best position to offer assistance.


There are many uses of an LG air conditioner WiFi. If you have a smart air conditioner, you can control it from anywhere through your phone. But if the Wifi becomes faulty or you constantly have trouble connecting, it is important to inform LG and request service.

Ensure you use strong passwords, not only for your WiFi but also for your phone. It helps to block hackers and keep your devices secure. Mix numbers, letters, and special symbols to create a strong password. Also, ensure it is longer than eight characters.

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