LG Air Conditioner Thermostat Not Working [Solution]

If you find your LG air conditioner thermostat not working, it is crucial to find a quick solution to the problem. Otherwise, the air conditioner will not cool as it should.

LG air conditioner thermostat not working

LG Air Conditioner Thermostat Not Working – Quick Fix

Ensure the LG air conditioner is working and is powered on before checking the thermostat. Try resetting the thermostat of the air conditioner if you find it is not working. To do this, turn the thermostat off at the unit. Ensure it is in the Off position before going to the circuit breaker. The air conditioner should have a dedicated circuit breaker. You may find it beside the outside condensing unit or in the basement if you have one.

Locate the particular breaker that controls the air conditioner and turn it off. Wait about half a minute, thirty seconds, before turning the breaker on again. Go back to the air conditioner thermostat and turn it on after the breaker.

Next, turn on the air conditioner and use the remote to set the temperature. Use the up and down arrow buttons for the temperature to select a temperature point that is a few degrees lower than the current outside temperature. Then, select the operation mode; use the Mode button to choose Cool for the best results.

The air conditioner should begin cooling if the thermostat is in good working condition and no other component is faulty. But if that does not happen, you may want to run a continuity test on the thermostat using a multimeter. If you find no continuity, replace the thermostat. Contact LG Support Center to request a replacement or find other authorized OEM dealers.

Important Note

These steps apply to all types of LG air conditioners. For a portable LG air conditioner, you may find the thermostat behind the control panel; that may mean unscrewing the panel to gain access to it. Keep an eye on your air conditioner and regularly maintain it to prevent minor errors and faults.

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