LG Air Conditioner Tripping Breaker [Quick Fix]

Is your LG air conditioner tripping breaker? The problem requires immediate attention. This article is a detailed troubleshooting guide and how to fix the problem quickly.

LG Air Conditioner Tripping Breaker – How to Fix

Find the specification sheet for the air conditioner and check the voltage that the unit needs to run. When you find it, ensure the power outlet into which you plug the unit provides enough voltage; it must not be too much or too little.

If your specific LG air conditioner model needs a power voltage of about 208/230 volts, the wall outlet must have a rating to be able to carry the unit. You may have to use another wall outlet or change the current one. But that will also mean rewiring to ensure it can provide the voltage needed by the air conditioner. Otherwise, the unit will keep tripping the circuit breaker.

However, if the air conditioner is a 115-volt unit, most wall outlets can provide the necessary voltage output. But if the air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker, check other appliances. They may be sharing the same breaker as the unit.

If there are other appliances in the same room as the air conditioner, turn them off. Allow the unit to run and wait to see if it runs smoothly. If it does and the circuit breaker does not trip off, you know the air conditioner is not connected to its own circuit breaker. That will explain the problem with the breaker.

An air conditioner usually needs a circuit breaker dedicated to it to run; that is part of how a unit works. It may not require a lot of power to start, but it will need more power to run than it does to start. So, you may find the unit is on without running. The solution is to move the air conditioner to a circuit breaker all to itself. You will need an electrician to fix the issue permanently.

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LG Air Conditioner GFCI Plug Tripping – Solved

The GFCI plug may be tripping because it is connected to a circuit with too many loads. Electrical appliances that run on motors tend to consume power and having them on the same circuit breaker as the air conditioner will trip the plug and the unit as a consequence. Reduce the load on the circuit to prevent the GFCI plug from tripping.

Another possible cause of the problem is having splices in the circuit. One or two splices are not a problem for the GFCI but when there are too many of them, they will put a strain on the GFCI. Eventually, it will trip. Replace the wiring with a new one with the help of an electrician and see if it fixes the problem.

Consider the air conditioner; it may be faulty, causing the GFCI to trip. The fault may be putting a strain on the GFCI, so reset the GFCI by pressing the reset button. If that does not work, you will need professional services to check both the outlet and air conditioner.

A GFCI is meant to protect an electrical appliance by tripping off when there is a problem. You can always press the reset button to turn it on again. But do not hesitate to contact LG Support Center or hire a technician to check the air conditioner and other connections if the GFCI plug trips too often.


Have problems with your LG air conditioner tripping breaker? It is crucial to find a lasting solution to protect the air conditioner and other appliances. If you are unsure how to go about it, follow the details in this article. Alternatively, contact LG or employ the services of a qualified HVAC technician.

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