LG Air Conditioner Beeps [How to Fix]

Sometimes, an LG air conditioner beeps and does nothing else. Other times, it may beep, run, but turn off soon after that. This article explains possible causes and how to fix them.

LG Air Conditioner Beeps But Does Not Turn On – Solved

If your LG air conditioner beeps but does not turn on, it may have to do with the remote. Check the remote batteries to ensure they are working. To do this, remove the old batteries, insert new ones, and try turning on the air conditioner again.

If it turns on, you know the batteries are the problem. But if not, use the Power button on the unit to turn the unit onto see if it runs. The remote controller may not be connecting to the unit’s control board. You may have to replace the remote if the air conditioner powers on when you press the Power button on the inside unit.

However, if the problem is not with the remote or the Power button, it may be with the power supply. The unit may not be getting enough power to turn on and run. Therefore, check the following:

1. Circuit Breaker

There are two things to check in the circuit breaker. One is whether or not it is tripped. Sometimes, power surges or fluctuations trip the circuit breaker, which is good. The breaker is shutting off to protect the appliance from damage. If the breaker is tripped, turn it on and check the air conditioner.

The problem may stem from an insufficient power supply if it remains off. The second thing to check with the breaker is whether or not other electrical appliances are connected to it. Turn off and disconnect other appliances in the room from electric power and try the air conditioner. 

If it turns on, you know it does not have a dedicated breaker; other appliances share the power supply. Allocate the air conditioner to a breaker; let an electrician do the job unless you have the training to fix it yourself.

2. Wall Outlet

If the breaker does not fix the problem, check the power outlet to which the air conditioner connects. Unplug the unit and connect a small appliance such as a lamp or clock with a moving second hand to the wall outlet. If the device does not work, the problem is from the outlet; it may have internal loose wiring or splices in the wiring. 

It may also be that it is not supplying enough voltage to power any electrical appliance. Hire an electrician to check the outlet and determine why it is no longer working. They will replace it if necessary.

3. Power Cord

But if the outlet is working, the problem may stem from the air conditioner’s power cord. This is especially true if another appliance comes on when connected to the wall outlet. There is usually a test button on the power cord; press it along with the reset button and the Power button, one after the other.

If the unit turns on, it may be that the safety relay tripped. If the indicator on the power cord is orange or red, locate the reset button on the cord and press the Power button. That should reset the air conditioner. But if the process fails to work, contact LG Service Center to request service.

LG Air Conditioner Beeps and Turns Off – Quick Fix

Sometimes, your air conditioner turns on, beeps, and turns off on its own. If this happens with your LG air conditioner, it may be that it shares a circuit breaker with appliances that use motors. Locate such devices in your home, disconnect them from electric power, and turn on the air conditioner.

If the unit powers on and run without beeping and turning off, you will need an electrician to move the other appliances to another breaker. Typically, electrical appliances that run with motors or compressors require a lot of electricity to run. They do not usually need so much voltage to start, but the motors draw current when they start and run. Afterward, they stabilize and reduce power consumption.

The electricity needs of many air conditioners mean using a dedicated circuit breaker. But when you connect an air conditioner to the same breaker as a refrigerator, for example, the breaker may not carry both of them because they run on compressors.

Apart from the circuit breaker, checking the unit’s power cord is important. Ensure the indicator is green; press the test button on the cord, and press the reset button on the control panel. Then, press the Power button.

If that does not work, turn off the circuit breaker for the unit, wait about thirty seconds, and turn the breaker on again. That should reset the unit. Wait to see if the compressor runs and the unit begins to run without turning off on its own. Request service from LG if nothing else works.

Note: You may use the services of an HVAC technician to test the compressor. The compressor is the center and heart of the air conditioner, and a faulty one can stop the unit from running.

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How to Disable an LG Air Conditioner Beep Sound

It is not likely that you can disable the beeping sound that an LG air conditioner makes. It is an intricate design to alert you when the unit turns on or if there is a fault. However, you can go to the air conditioner’s printed circuit board (PCB) and remove the speaker, and you will not hear the beep anymore.

If you do not want to hear the beep all the time, but do not mind hearing it sometimes, consider connecting a switch inline instead of removing the speaker entirely. The easiest and quickest step to cutting off the beeping sound is to put a piece of electrical tape over the speaker. It muffles the sound.

LG Air Conditioner Beeping – What to Do

Check the air filter if you hear your LG air conditioner beeping all of a sudden, even when it is running. When the filter becomes excessively dirty, the air conditioner has an alarm to alert you. You may also notice an indicator that never goes off. When you clean or replace the filter, the beeping will stop, and the light will go off.

Another possible cause for the beeping sound is that the air conditioner has no power. If power suddenly goes out, an air conditioner can beep to alert you of the issue. Check the circuit breaker to see if it tripped. Turn it on if it did, or turn it off and back on if it did not. That should reset it.

Furthermore, excess water in the air conditioner will trigger an alarm in the system. It is a way to warn you that you need to drain the unit to prevent damages. The drain line may be clogged, preventing water from flowing out of the system, or there is too much humidity, and the drain pan fills too quickly.

Therefore, check the condensate drain line and clear it with a wet/dry vacuum if it is clogged. Also, check the mode setting of the air conditioner; try using the Dry operation mode to see if it reduces the humidity in the air. You will have to manually drain a portable air conditioner if the water collection tank is full.

In addition, check other sensors in the air conditioner; one or more is faulty. A faulty sensor makes a beeping noise and replacing it is the best solution. Besides, it may be pointing to a more serious problem in the unit. Hire a certified technician to service the unit or request service from LG, especially if your air conditioner is under warranty.

Important Note

When the compressor and fan motor are operating at a high frequency in the outside condensing unit, they may generate noise that sounds like beeping. The noise may last for a while as the air conditioner cools the room and will continue until the temperature reaches a set point.

A significant difference between the set temperature of the air conditioner and the room temperature will cause this noise. This is because the compressor and fans will need to work hard to lower the internal temperature. While the noise tends to reduce and stop when the temperature drops, you may want to contact LG if it is a frequent occurrence. Servicing may fix it permanently.

LG Air Conditioner Giving 5 Beeps – Quick Fix

The cause of the beeping sound may be an error in communication between the outdoor condensing and indoor units of the air conditioner. The condensate pumps or wiring may be faulty, and the best way to fix the 5-beep error is to hire a technician to check sensors, wiring, and pumps to know what needs fixing.


When an LG air conditioner beeps, it does not necessarily mean something is wrong with the unit. It may be the sound it makes when you turn it off or on, which is pretty normal. When you should worry is if the sound does not stop, whether or not the unit is running.

Fortunately, there are easy solutions to the beeping problems. This article explains parts to troubleshoot and fix. But if the problems persist, contact LG to request service or use the services of an independent certified HVAC technician.

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