LG Air Conditioner Not Heating/Heating [Issues & Solutions]

An LG air conditioner not heating has to do with the built-in heater and it is important to check possible problems with the component and fix them.

LG Air Conditioner Not Heating – Quick Fix

The source of the heating problem may be as simple as the capacity of the heater being too small to heat the room. This is especially true if the weather is icy. LG has many air conditioning systems that can both cool and heat, but sometimes, the heating capacity is only a supplementary one at best.

So, you find that even when you use the heat mode, the room never warms enough. The problem is compounded if the temperature outside is too low. You can check to see if the heater is working at all. From there, you can determine what your next steps will be.

Locate the intake grille from where air flows into the air conditioning system from the room. When you do, turn on the unit and set the temperature before selecting the Heat mode. Next, place a piece of paper in front of the grille. As the air conditioner picks up and the heating function begins working, the air going into the intake grille should pull the paper towards the grille. That is if the heater is working.

If that happens and the paper is pulled to the grille, go to the air vents and ut your hand in front of them for a few minutes. The air coming out should get warmer the longer your hand is there. If the air warms up, the heater is working, and the heating problem may stem from low heating capacity.

However, the heater may have a problem if the air from the vents is not heating up. It may also be that the outside weather is too cold and the unit does not have enough warm air to use. The heater may not have the capacity to heat the air enough to warm the room, making it seem as if it is not working. The best step is to contact LG Support to report the issue and request service. Another option is to employ the services of an independent HVAC technician to service the unit.

LG Air Conditioner Heating Light Flashing – Solved

If you find the heating light in your LG air conditioner flashing, it may be a loss of communication between the heater and the control board or electrical problems that have to do with voltage fluctuations. Check out this article for detailed explanations on why an LG air conditioner flashes or blinks on different occasions.

How Do I Use the Heater in My LG Air Conditioner?

Go to the air conditioner and press the Power button. If the unit has a remote control, use it to turn on the air conditioner by pressing the Power button. Next, set the temperature by using the arrow up and down buttons. Then, press the Mode button until Heat appears on the display. The outside condensing unit should not blow hot at this point; the air should be cool. But the air from the inside unit should gradually heat up.

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LG Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air – What to Do

First, be sure of the type of LG air conditioner you own. Some units are Cooling Only while others are Cooling and Heating. If it has a heat pump, it may be that you have set it in the wrong operation mode.

Check the display to see the Mode setting. Adjust the mode if it is wrong. Then, wait for the air conditioner to start blowing cool air. But if the mode is set to Cool or the model is the Cooling Only model yet, the unit is blowing hot air, check the air filter, condenser, evaporator, refrigerant level, thermostat, control boards, and compressor. Follow the steps explained in this article to troubleshoot and fix the faulty parts.

How to Use an LG AC in Winter

Ensure the air conditioner is working before setting the correct temperature for heating. Check the user manual to find the correct temperature setting for the Heat mode. Next, press the Mode button and select Heat. Allow the unit to run until warm air begins to flow out of the vents. If your unit has the Jet function and you need the room to heat quickly, press Jet on the remote to speed up the process.

However, ensure the heating capacity of the air conditioner is enough to carry you through winter. Some models have heating capacities that are supplementary at best. In other words, the unit will only provide a little heat which may not be enough to warm the room. It is not meant to be the primary heat source.

Running an air conditioner in winter has some risks, especially when the temperature drops below sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit. There may be loss of lubrication, the compressor may overheat due to overuse, and the condenser coil may freeze. Also, the low ambient temperature sensor may keep the air conditioner from running when the weather is icy, and trying to use the unit despite the sensor may damage expensive parts.

Note: The steps in this article apply to all types of LG air conditioners. If you have any concerns, contact the LG Service center for inquiries or to request service.


Is your LG air conditioner not heating? As long as your unit is the cooling and heating type, nothing should stop it from working. But there may be something wrong with the heating element in the air conditioner, or it may be as simple as using the wrong operation mode. It may also stem from icy weather outside or low heating capacity.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem. You will need to troubleshoot the unit to determine whether or not the heater is still working. If it is, the weather or heating capacity may be to blame. But if it is not working, the air conditioner may need servicing.

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