LG Air Conditioner Not Working [Problems Solved]

Do you have the problem of an LG air conditioner not working? As discussed in this article, there are common causes and solutions to the problem.

LG Air Conditioner Remote Not Working – Quick Fix

Two things cause an LG air conditioner remote to stop working: expired batteries and a faulty main control board on the air conditioner. The easiest fix is to remove the batteries and put the new ones. As this article explains, if the batteries are not the problem, check the control board.

If only one button of the remote is not working, such as the power button, it may indicate that the remote requires a replacement. Before replacing it, put brand new batteries in the remote and try the faulty button again. Compare it to other buttons and if it persists, replace the remote control.

LG Air Conditioner Heater Not Working – Solved

If the heater in your LG air conditioner is not working, it means it can no longer produce warm air to heat the room. Your air conditioner must be the Cooling and Heating model to have the Heat mode of operation. To test the heater, find the intake grille where the air gets sucked into the system. 

When you find it, place a piece of paper in front of it. The paper should get pulled toward the grille as the air goes into the system if the system is working. If that happens, go to the vents from where air flows into the room and put your hand in front of it. The air should get increasingly warmer; the heater is working if that happens. 

But if not, the heater may be malfunctioning and may need a replacement. It can also mean the weather is too cold, and the heater’s capacity is too low to draw enough warmth into the room. The best step is to request service from LG or use the services of a certified HVAC technician.

LG Air Conditioner Not Working – How to Fix

Take a look at the circuit breaker dedicated to the air conditioner if you find it is not working. Sometimes, power fluctuations happen, and the breaker trips off to protect the unit. Turn it on if it is off, and flip it off and on if it is on. Wait to see if the air conditioner starts working.

If there is no change, turn off other electrical appliances and power the air conditioner. It may start working, and if it does, it means it is not using a dedicated breaker. Hire an electrician to check and fix it. Typically, the voltage needs of an AC means it should have a breaker for itself. Connecting other appliances will reduce the voltage supply and cause the unit to stop working because of overloading.

However, if the above does not apply, check the wall outlet into which the unit’s power cord goes. A damaged outlet cannot power the AC, even if the breaker is working. Connect a small appliance to the outlet to see if it comes on. You may have to replace the outlet if the device does not work in that particular place. If it is a GFCI outlet, you can press the reset button; it may get the outlet up and running again.

The air conditioner’s power cord may also have a part to play in whether the unit is working. If the cord has a problem, the air conditioner will stop working. A newer model may have GFCI to help you fix the power problem by pressing the reset button. Otherwise, the air conditioner needs servicing.

Other Possible Issues

If the LG air conditioner turns on but does not run, it may be that it is not getting sufficient voltage. One of the primary causes of this problem is connecting the unit to the same circuit as other electrical appliances. There will not be enough voltage to power all the appliances, leaving the air conditioner without enough to start and run the compressor. The voltage needed to power an air conditioner and turn on the display is less than necessary to power the compressor.

Set Temperature

You should also check the set temperature of the air conditioner and the room temperature. If they are the same, it will explain why the unit is no longer running. Once the room temperature drops to the set temperature, the unit stops running until the temperature rises again. Therefore, consider lowering the set temperature of the AC to get it up and running again. Otherwise, call for professional service.

But if the air conditioner turns on, runs, but does not produce cold air, the temperature outside the house may be too hot. While you cannot lower the temperature, you can ensure the windows, doors, and other vents and openings are fully shut. That way, no hot from outside can find its way into the house and compromise the AC’s cooling capacity.

Mode of Operation

Also, ensure you set the air conditioner to the Cool mode of operation. Setting it to Fan mode will not produce cool air, even though it will circulate air. And if the thermostat is set to On instead of Auto, it will affect the unit’s cooling capacity. Check the thermostat and AC, and adjust the settings accordingly.

Reset the Air Conditioner

You may have to reset the air conditioner. Press the power button and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. Allow it to sit unplugged for about thirty seconds before reconnecting it to electric power. Press the power button again to turn on the unit, set the mode to Cool, adjust the set temperature to the lowest point, and set the fan to the highest speed.

Check the vents to ensure they are fully open and nothing is obstructing them. Next, wait for the compressor to start running, which may take up to thirty seconds after powering the unit. If the compressor runs, place your hand in front of the vents for about three minutes. The air should start cooling at this point but if not, contact LG and request service. The same applies if the compressor fails to run after the reset.

LG Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit Not Working – What to Do

If you find that the outdoor condensing unit is not working, the first step is to check the power supply. There is usually a disconnect box close to the unit; ensure there are no blown fuses and an adequate power supply. The breaker may have tripped; flip it on if it is.

Next, check the fan in the unit. It should be functioning to cool the condenser and compressor. But if the motor is faulty or the blades are entangled, the fan cannot run. So, the problem may stem from overheating. Clean the condenser, fan, and compressor. Carefully work around the condenser fins to avoid damaging them.

But if the outdoor unit does not work after cleaning the condenser and compressor and checking the fan, it may be a problem with the compressor. Ensure the capacitor and overload protector work well; replace the capacitor if it shows signs of leaking or bulging. However, you may need a new compressor if the problem persists. Let a qualified technician check the unit in the event of other faults before determining whether or not you need a new compressor.

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LG Air Conditioner Outside Fan Not Working – Quick Fix

Inspect the capacitor that powers the fan; it may be defective. A clear sign it is defective is fluid leaking from it or an increase in its size. If you notice any of these, replace the capacitor. But if they are not readily visible, use a multimeter to test for continuity on the capacitor’s terminals. Replace the capacitor if there is no continuity.

When It Is Not the Fan…

If you are sure the compressor is running and only the fan is the problem, it cannot be a power issue. Instead, check the filter. A dirty filter can affect the fan’s functionality by restricting airflow, causing it to run more than it should and wear out too quickly. Remove and clean the filter, then check the fan’s motor. Ensure you clean the blades before testing the motor to check for continuity. Replace the motor if it registers no continuity.

You may also want to check the contactor switch on the compressor. The switch ensures the fan and condenser receive power to run, so the fan may not work if it becomes faulty. Replace the switch if it is no longer working.

If all else fails, employ the services of a qualified technician to service the unit and replace the fan if necessary.

LG Air Conditioner WiFi Password Not Working – Solved

It is important to remember that passwords are usually case-sensitive. And for phones like iPhone, capitalizing the first letter is automatic. So, check the network on the screen to see the network. Next, enter the last four characters of the network on the screen twice. Ensure you use the appropriate cases.

If the password issue continues, delete the password and re-enter it, this time, ensuring you enter the correct characters in their appropriate cases. There is also the possibility that another person has made a connection, and if that happens, the password you enter will not work.

Therefore, turn the air conditioner and router off and turn them on again. Start the registration from the beginning and ensure you connect the appliance using your phone. Then, enter the password using the correct cases.

LG Air Conditioner Thermostat Not Working – Solution

Adjust the air conditioner’s setting to Cool mode and get a multimeter. Run a continuity test on the thermostat while the unit is in the cooling mode to determine whether or not it has continuity. If it has no continuity, replace the thermostat.

If your air conditioning system has a heater, it means the thermostat also controls the heating element. It may have three terminals, so you will need the unit’s wiring diagram to know how to run the continuity test.

LG Air Conditioner Dry Mode Not Working – Quick Fix

Ensure you set the temperature for the air conditioning unit before choosing the Dry mode. Press the Mode button on the remote until you select Dry. the unit can run at high or low temperatures other than the set temperature while it is in this mode. That way, it can fully dehumidify the room without restriction. But if the mode does not work, your air conditioner requires service.

LG Air Conditioner Control Panel Not Working – How to Fix

Try resetting the unit to see if it fixes the problem. Locate the reset button on the power plug and press it. Next, press the power button on the control panel. If the panel still does not work, disconnect electric power to the unit for about two minutes. You may have to replace the control module because it is faulty if the hard reset does not work.


A few things are as frustrating as having an LG air conditioner not working. Fortunately, there are ways to troubleshoot and solve the problem as quickly as possible. Follow his guide and you may get your air conditioning unit up and running again.

Check the circuit breaker, disconnect box, wall outlet, and even power cord of the unit if it is not working. You may need an electrician’s help because the troubleshooting steps may involve live voltage. Also, check the capacitor, fan, and compressor for a more thorough job. Contact LG Support Center for further assistance or get an independent HVAC technician if fixing the unit requires professional help.

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