LG Air Conditioner Blinking/Flashing [Quick Fix]

If you find an LG air conditioner blinking, it may be an indication of a fault or error. Sometimes, it is a minor issue you can easily fix, as we explain in this article.

LG Air Conditioner Blinking CH – What to Do

The air filter is significantly dirty and can no longer function as it should, and that is why you see CH on the display. Remove the filter from the inside unit and clean it. Typically, a small brush should remove loose dirt and debris, but if it needs further cleaning, give it a thorough washing with mild soap and warm water.

After that, rinse it with clean water and wipe it with a lint-free cloth. Leave it out to air-dry before putting it back into the air conditioning unit. Never put a damp filter into the unit, and wash the filter every two weeks. However, the frequency of washing it will depend on the air quality in your area and whether or not you have pets.

LG Air Conditioner Blinking Green Light – Solved

Flip the switch on the circuit breaker next to the outdoor condensing unit, wait at least twenty seconds, and turn it on again. Doing that resets the air conditioner and gets it up and running again. More times than not, the blinking green light is an indication of a minor error that a reset can fix. It does not always mean a serious problem.

The green light is the power light and is usually triggered when something affects the circuit board. The slightest spike in voltage or lightning can cause the board to malfunction and trip the light. It is a way to alert you to the issue so that you can attend to it.

Sometimes, the light begins to blink if the refrigerant is low. Since the air conditioner runs and releases cool air when the refrigerant circulates, the system will malfunction when the level of the gas drops. Also, a problem with the condenser fan can trigger the light. The same applies if the power cord becomes faulty.

If your air conditioner is the multi-split type, where you have several indoor units but one outdoor unit, all the indoor units must be set on one operation mode. Otherwise, the unit will become unable to function as it should and trigger the light. You can fix some of these issues by resetting the unit or replacing faulty parts. However, contact LG Support Center or employ the services of a professional technician if the green light keeps blinking.

LG Air Conditioner Blinking Red Light – Solved

Blinking red light on your LG air conditioner may mean the outside condensing unit is off. Try resetting the unit by turning off the breaker dedicated to it. You should find it next to the condenser outside.

Wait about twenty seconds and turn the breaker on again. If the unit does not work, check for blown fuses and replace them. You may need an electrician to help you inspect the fuses and the breaker in general.

There may be a more serious cause of the problem if resetting the outdoor condensing unit or fixing the fuses do not work. You may want to ensure the thermostat is working. It may have dead batteries or loose internal wiring. Take it out and inspect it; replace the batteries if necessary.

Next, check the capacitor that powers the outside condenser fan. It may be weakening or be completely damaged. Take a look at the capacitor to see if it is bulging or leaking. Disconnect the wires and fix them to a new capacitor. While checking the capacitor, examine the fan motor. If the capacitor is not faulty, test the motor using a multimeter and replace it if it has no continuity.

You may also want to check the compressor contactor, especially if nothing else seems to be causing the problem. If the contactor is not working, the compressor will not run, and the condensing unit will not run. In some cases, you can temporarily clean the contactor to get it working again. However, the best fix is to replace it if it is causing the problem.

Servicing the air conditioner will expose other faults that may cause the condenser to stop, especially internal connection problems. For this, you will need the services of an HVAC professional to provide a lasting solution.

Other Possible Causes

A reduction in airflow for a prolonged period can cause the air conditioner to start blinking. As discussed above, check the air filter and wash it if it is dirty. Also, check for obstructions in the vents; ensure they are fully open and no debris is in the way.

While checking the filter, inspect the evaporator coil for ice buildup. If the coil is frozen, turn off the air conditioner until the ice melts. Cleaning the filter should prevent the freezing problem in the future but contact LG if it recurs.

Furthermore, check the refrigerant level because when the gas is low, the unit cannot function as it should. Have a professional find possible leaks, repair them, and recharge the unit. The professional can also check the installation to ensure it is correctly done. And if there is poor internal electrical wiring, they can correct it.

LG Air Conditioner Blinking FL – Solutions

Check the drain line for debris; a clogged drain line will cause water to store in the drain pan. Clean the line vinegar and water until the solution flows free. Rinse the line with clean water to remove residual vinegar. Afterward, wait for the air conditioner to run for some time before checking the pan again. If it fills up, clean the drain line again.

Keep the air conditioner set to Cool operation mode to reduce the amount of condensation in the unit. That is unless you are dehumidifying the room. In Dry mode, where the unit dehumidifies the air, there may be too much condensate.

Typically, the FL error code indicates that the drain pan is filled with water. But this is an abnormality because the air conditioner usually comes with a fan that slings the water in the fan to the condenser to empty the pan and help in the release of heat.

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LG Air Conditioner Flashing CH 01 – Solution

If you find your LG air conditioner flashing 01, it may mean that the indoor unit’s return air thermistor is bad. Have a technician check the thermistor and replace it if necessary.

LG Air Conditioner Flashing CH 34 – Solution

The air conditioner may have too much pressure building internally, causing the safety relay to turn the unit off. The pressure occurs as a result of overheating, and you can check if this is the case. 

Check the condenser and clean the coil if it is significantly dirty.  Pull out the air filter and wash it if you have not done so in a while. Then, reset the air conditioner. Disconnect it from electric power for about ten minutes and turn it on again. Ensure sunlight is not directly hitting the outside unit. You may also want to raise the temperature setting so that the internal pressure drops.

LG Air Conditioner Flashing CH 38 – Solution

Your air conditioner has lost refrigerant, leaving an insufficient amount; that is why you see the error code. It may also mean a small electrical problem. Turn off the air conditioner and power down the circuit breaker. 

After about five minutes, power up the circuit breaker and turn the unit on. If the code remains, it may be a refrigerant problem. Have a technician check for possible leaks and fix them before adding refrigerant to the system. Click here to read more about LG air conditioner error codes and how to fix them.

LG Air Conditioner WiFi Not Blinking – Quick Fix

There may be a connection problem or the connection is paused if the WiFi is not blinking when you turn it on. There may also be a problem with the WiFi on the air conditioner. Check the connection on your phone to see if it is working. Try opening an internet app; if you cannot open it, disconnect the WiFi and reconnect to the air conditioner. However, if the WiFi is working on your phone, contact LG to help you run diagnostics on the unit or send a technician to check it.

Important Note

If the WiFi is blinking, it may be that you are about to connect the air conditioner to WiFi. it should stop blinking once the connection is made. But if it keeps blinking, ensure the connection is strong and steady. 

Check the password you entered to ensure it corresponds with that of the router. In addition, be sure there is no obstruction between the router and the appliance. Get professional help to check the WiFi and recommend a permanent solution.

LG Air Conditioner Blinking Light – Solved

A blinking light on your LG air conditioner may indicate that the refrigerant is insufficient. Adding the gas may stop the blinking light. Ensure you hire a technician to check the cooling lines for possible leaks and seal them. After that, the technician can recharge the unit.

But if the light keeps blinking, it may be because there is a loose wire connection. You may not be able to fix it yourself, so let an HVAC technician check for loose connections and fix them if any. Reset the air conditioning unit by unplugging it and turning off the circuit breaker for a few minutes. Turn it back on afterward.

LG Air Conditioner LED Flashing – Solution

Disconnect the unit from electric power and turn off the circuit breaker. Wait at least five minutes and turn it on again. The reset should fix the LED flashing. But if it does not, you will need professional assistance from LG or independent personnel.

The LED flashes if the air conditioner needs inspection and servicing. There may be power fluctuations and other electrical issues, leading to a temporary error. The same applies if the display shows CH 00.

LG Air Conditioner Timer Light Blinking – What to Do

Disconnect the air conditioner from power and switch off the circuit breaker. After about fifteen minutes, turn it back on to reset the main control board. It should fix the blinking light. Usually, the light indicates that there is a high current and the compressor is likely to malfunction. Let an electrician check the fuses to determine whether or not they need replacements.

If the reset does not work, check for blown fuses, especially if your unit is a three-phase type. Also, ensure the outdoor condensing unit and indoor unit are matched; mismatched units can cause a model error, leading to the timer light blinking. If they are not matched, contact LG or your supplier to request a replacement.

LG Air Conditioner Flashing 5 Times – What to Do

There is an error in communication between the outdoor condensing and indoor units when your LG air conditioner flashes 5 times. The display may also show CH 05 or 53. Check out this article for a detailed explanation of what causes the error and how to permanently fix it.

LG Air Conditioner Flashing 6 Times – What to Do

Check the indoor unit’s coil outlet thermistor for faults if your LG air conditioner flashes 6 times. Turn off the air conditioner and pull the thermistor from the control board. Next, check to see if there is resistance on it using a multimeter. Replace the thermistor if there is no continuity.

You can also carry out a DC voltage test on the component while it is on the control board. However, do not perform the test if you are unsure of the steps; let a qualified technician offer further assistance.

LG Air Conditioner Power Light Flashing 7 Times – Quick Fix

The flashing light may be a CH 07 error, which means the unit is a multi-split type. The error indicates the outside condensing unit and the indoor units are operating on different modes. When you set the outside unit is set to a particular operating mode, the indoor units must correspond. Otherwise, the code will appear or the power light will blink.

Turn off the indoor units and turn them back on again. Then, change the temperature mode of the units to clear the error. If the power light keeps blinking 7 times, contact LG to request service or hire an HVAC technician for further assistance.


When you notice your LG air conditioner blinking, it may not necessarily mean there is a problem or fault. Follow this guide to determine what the blinking light means and how to fix it. 

Also, check to see if there is an accompanying error code. The code may help you find the cause of the flashing light quickly and resolve it. However, contact LG Support Center for diagnostics or to request service. Regular maintenance solves many faults before they surface.

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