LG Air Conditioner Cool vs Dry [Questions Answered]

Are you comparing an LG air conditioner Cool vs Dry modes of operation? It is important to know how each mode operates before making a comparison.

LG Air Conditioner Dry vs Energy Saver Modes – Which Is Better?

First, you have to know how the Dry and Energy Saver modes operate. Typically, the air conditioner turns off the compressor and condenser or exhaust fan at the same time, while the blower or circulation fan continues running at normal speed. 

However, the Energy Saver mode of operation turns off the fans when the compressor cycles off when the room reaches the preset temperature. That way, the air conditioner does not consume too much energy because of the constantly-running circulation fan. In other words, this mode helps you save energy.

On the other hand, the Dry Mode does not turn off the fan at the same time as the compressor. Instead, the exhaust fan continues running while the circulation fan and compressor turn off. You set the temperature you desire and select the Dry mode of operation. Then, you will hear the compressor go off, and the blower will stop circulating air. Only the outdoor fan will keep running. You cannot adjust the fan speed at this point because it is preset.

So, if you are wondering which of the modes of operation works best, be aware that the Dry mode works to dehumidify a room. It removes moisture from the air, leaving it dry, and it does not increase cooling in any way. 

The Energy Saver mode keeps the room cooling until it achieves the preset temperature. Then, it turns off the cooling system until the internal temperature rises again. The modes serve different purposes, so you should use them accordingly.

What Does Dry Mean on an LG Air Conditioner?

Dry on an LG air conditioner represents a mode of operation. Just like Cool, the operation mode allows you to dehumidify the room where the air conditioner is located. It removes moisture from the air so it is best to use it if you live in a highly humid area or have an allergic reaction to high humidity. 

Press the Power button on the remote or control panel. Next, use the temperature up and down buttons to set the desired temperature. Finally, press the Mode button on the remote or control panel until Dry appears on the display. Note that you cannot change the fan speed in this mode because it is preset.

How to Set an LG Air Conditioner to Cool

To set an LG air conditioner to Cool, ensure the air conditioner is running. Press the Power button to turn on the unit. Next, press the temperature control buttons to adjust the temperature to a point you desire; the buttons look like arrows pointing up and down.

When you set the temperature, look for the button marked Mode on the remote or control panel of the unit and press it. Keep pressing it until you see Cool appear on the display. You will hear the compressor and fans kick into action and within a few minutes, the air conditioner will begin to release cool air. In this mode, you can adjust the fan speed by pressing the button marked Fan. The higher the speed, the faster the unit’s cooling capacity.

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LG Air Conditioner Cool vs Dry – Which to Use

As we discussed above, each operation mode in an LG air conditioner functions differently, one from another. The Cool mode of operation is the most commonly used mode because it sends out cool air by activating the cooling system – compressor and fans. If it is a particularly hot day or the room is simply stuffy, the Cool mode is your go-to for eliminating the heat.

On the other hand, the Dry mode of operation does not provide additional cooling. Suppose you use the Cool Mode before turning to the Dry mode because of excessive humidity? The mode will not increase the cool air in the room once it reaches a preset temperature. In fact, it turns the circulation fan and compressor off, leaving only the exhaust fan running. Also, you can increase or reduce the fan speed in this mode.

You can opt to use both modes, one after the other. Ideally, run the Cool mode before the Dry mode so that the space will be cool while you are dehumidifying. Afterward, you can run the Cool mode again but with less moisture in the air.

Note: These modes appear on different style LG air conditioners. You will find the Cool, Fan, Dry, and Energy Saver on window units and portable air conditioners. So, this guide applies to all styles. Contact LG Support for assistance if you have trouble using any of the modes.

A Quick Recap

An LG air conditioner uses different modes of operation and each mode functions in a different way, serving a different purpose from others. So, if you are comparing an LG air conditioner Cool vs Dry operation modes, this article explains what each one does and how to use them. Follow our guide and find all your questions on the modes answered.

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