How to Reset an LG Air Conditioner [Quick Guide]

If you are looking for how to reset an LG air conditioner, look no further than this article. We discuss how to reset different parts of the air conditioning system.

How to Reset an LG Air Conditioner Remote Control

To reset the remote control of an LG air conditioner, pick the remote and find the small hole at the bottom right. Next, find a small object like a paper clip or pin that can fit in the hole. Now, insert the end of the object into the hole and gently push it. When you do this, the remote’s entire configuration and setting will disappear as the remote resets to its factory setting.

How to Reset an LG Air Conditioner Clean Filter Light

It is not every model of LG air conditioners that has a filter indicator. But if your model has the filter indicator and it does not go off after you clean or replace the air filter, press the temperature up and down buttons at the same time. Do it only once and the indicator will reset.

How Do You Reset an LG Air Conditioner?

To reset an LG air conditioner, disconnect the unit from electric power and leave it for not less than ten seconds. Reconnect it to electric power and press the unit’s power button to turn the air conditioner on. This process should reset the unit.

Note: The same steps apply to all types of LG air conditioners, including the portable and wall units., as well as inverter and plasma air conditioners.

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Quick Recap

This article is a quick guide on how to reset an LG air conditioner. The steps are pretty straightforward if you follow our guide. But be sure to contact LG Support Center if you have other issues. You can also use an independent technician to fix issues and for further assistance.

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