How to Set Up an LG Air Conditioner [Quick Guide]

Are you looking for how to set up an LG air conditioner? You have come to the right place for the answers you need.

How to Set Up an LG Air Conditioner Remote

Setting up the remote control of an LG air conditioner is pretty straightforward. First, you must ensure it has the correct type of batteries. Using the wrong batteries may cause irreparable damage over time. Some models come with batteries that you just insert into the battery port. For others, you have to purchase the batteries.

Once you insert the batteries, check to see if the display illuminates. If it does, you know the battery is working and you are set to go. Next, press the Power or On/Off button to see the fan speed, temperature, and time appear on the display. These are the vital information you need to begin operating the air conditioner.

If you would rather read your temperature in degrees Celsius, press the Room Temp button and hold it for about five seconds. And if you want to change it again, follow the same process. Pressing the button once will show you the current room temperature.

Press the Set Clear button and hold it for about three seconds to set the time. The AM on the display will blink; adjust the time using the arrow buttons on either side of the button. Always point the remote to the air conditioner whenever you want to change settings.

Press the Mode button to select the mode you want – Cool, Fan, Heat, or Energy Saver. It is always ideal to choose the cooling mode because that is how your home cools. Set it to Auto if you want the unit to switch fan speeds automatically according to the room’s current temperature. This article further explains how to use the remote control.

There is no universal remote for all LG air conditioning systems. Each model and type has a unique remote control, so you may find that yours differs a little from the next. Still, the basic buttons and functions are the same.

If you see the caution or warning sign on the remote’s display, read the warning and instructions beside the sign. Then, follow the directives to correct the issues causing the warning sign to appear. But if the problem continues, request service from LG Support or hire an independent technician for the job.

How to Set Up an LG Air Conditioner WiFi

Some LG air conditioners are smart units that will require you to connect to a WiFi network to use them

Setting Up a Portable Unit

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for the LG Smart ThinQ app. When you find it, download it on your phone and register your device; create an account and use it to sign in to the app.

Next, you need to connect the unit to your WiFi network. Turn the portable air conditioner on and press the fan button for about three seconds. The WiFi icon on the unit will begin to flash. Choose Register on the app on your phone and select Air Conditioner from the available appliances displayed on your phone. Next, choose Portable from the available types.

Now, follow the ensuing instructions on your phone to connect the portable air conditioner to your WiFi network. Then, go to the third step in the registration process and select Registration Complete. Once you do this, your air conditioner will appear on the Smart ThinQ app on your phone. You can proceed to operate the features of the portable unit straight from your phone.

Setting Up Other Units

If your LG Smart AC is not the portable type, the same steps apply. But the difference is in how you activate the WiFi on your unit. For other units, press the Mode button and Fan Speed buttons on the remote control at the same and hold them for about two seconds.

Check the display of the air conditioner; the indicator for the WiFi should begin to flash when it becomes active. The app on your phone should recognize the WiFi signal from the air conditioner before you can register the AC. so, ensure the app is open and you have logged in before selecting the WiFi on the unit.

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How to Set Up an LG Portable Air Conditioner

After installing an LG portable air conditioner, the next step is to set it up. To do that, begin by ensuring the window panel cap is in place. If it is, close the window and get the diffuser. Insert it into the vent panel opening, ensuring you slide it all the way in until the tabs snap and lock. Secure the diffuser to the vent panel with two type-A screws so that it does not slide out of position during use.

Next, use duct tape that leaves no residue to close any gaps around the diffuser and vent panel. It will prevent the diffuser and panel from rattling and making other noises. If you are to use only the cooling or heat mode, it is straightforward. Select the mode you want and allow the unit to run. 

But if you are to use the Dry mode, install a continuous gravity flow drainage; you will need a hose to do it. It means the unit will act as a dehumidifier. This is because the air conditioner will be removing moisture from the air and needs a way to dispose of the water.

So, ensure there is a floor drain, sump pit, or bucket in the part of the house where you want to use the unit. The one you choose must not be level with the portable AC; it must be lower than the unit. Purchase a hose that is long enough to go from the air conditioner to the drain, bucket, or sump pit.

The hose must have a well-seated gasket to prevent leakage during drainage. Now, remove the cover on the discharge outlet on the back of the unit and connect the hose to it. Make sure it is tight before inserting the other end of the hose into the drain. The hose must lie straight without kinks or twists. Always secure it to the drainage so that it does not shift during drainage.

When you are done with the drainage process, go to the window frame and measure it. Next, cut the foam seal according to the measurement and stuff it between the window and glass to keep insects and air out. Also, ensure there is enough space around the unit for proper air circulation. Finally, connect the portable unit to a dedicated wall receptacle and turn it on.


Follow the instructions and steps in this guide if you are looking for how to set up an LG air conditioner. The guide is quick and easy to follow. However, contact the LG Support Center if you have issues with the setup. You can also opt for an independent technician with the experience and qualification to offer further assistance.

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