How to Open an LG Air Conditioner [Detailed Guide]

Sometimes, you may need to open certain parts of an air conditioner for repair purposes. So, if you are looking for how to open an LG air conditioner, you have come to the right place.

how to open an LG air conditioner
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How to Open an LG Air Conditioner Remote

It is not recommended that you open the remote control of an LG air conditioner entirely. If you have to replace old batteries, the battery section is pretty easy to open; there is a small handle to push down and pop the door open.

However, if you want to open the entire remote, you will need a putty knife to pry the sides open. Start from any point into which the knife can fit and gently pry with the knife until you can remove the entire back of the remote.

It is ideal to contact LG if you have issues with your remote control. You can find the correct replacement if the remote is no longer working or get professional help with the current one. If you attempt to fix it yourself, you may damage a perfectly good remote.

Here is a video showing how to open a damaged LG air conditioner remote…

How to Open an LG Air Conditioner Filter

The method of opening the filter housing in your LG air conditioner will depend on the model of the unit. If it is a window unit, all you have to do is to pull out the inlet grille, which is the front part of the unit. It pulls straight out. Next, slightly pull the air filter up and forward to remove it.

For a split or ductless unit, there are two ways to open the filter port, depending on the model. One way is to lift the top part of the air filter and slide it out. The second way is to lift the front panel and pull the filter out with two hands. In both cases, you do not have to remove the filter cover before accessing the filter.

In some cases, you will have to remove several screws before you pop the cover off. Locate the screws and unmount them. Then, place them in a secure place so they do not go missing. But if you are unsure where to locate the screws or how to remove the cover to access the filter, it is best to consult the user manual or employ the services of an HVAC technician to check the filter.

Note: Disconnect the air conditioner from electric power before opening the grille or front panel to remove the air filter. Also, the same applies if you want to open an LG air conditioner; once you pop the front cover off, you have opened the unit.

This video shows how to remove the cover from an LG split unit air conditioner…

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How to Open an LG Air Conditioner – Portable Units

Before you open the air conditioner, ensure you disconnect it from electric power. Next, remove the front panel by unmounting the screws securing it in place. More times than not, however, you can remove the cover by gently but firmly pulling it open. You will find the air filter and a few other components behind the front panel.

If you are looking to remove the back cover as well, you will need to unmount some screws. Unlike the front cover, the back is always held in place by screws. Ensure you remove all the screws before pulling the cover out.

How to Open Vent on an LG Air Conditioner

For a window or through-the-wall unit, find the vent control to enable you to open the vent while the air conditioner is running. The control may be a pull-out or sliding lever, or it may be a button; it will depend on the model. When you locate the control, pull, slide, or press it, depending on the type it is. Through the vents inside, you can see an opening to the outside, which lets you know the vent is open.

For a central unit, it is straightforward to open the vents. Find the vents in the house and turn the control until the slats are fully open and the cold airflow increases. But if the release of cold air is not strong enough, locate the vents through which air enters the air conditioning system. 

They are called intake recirculation vents and you will identify them by the absence of cold air flowing out of them. Locate and adjust the lever that controls the vents so that they are fully open to take air into the system.

Split units typically have their vents facing down to the room under the units. They tend to swing in different directions automatically. You can use the remote to set the swing direction to make the vents stationary. But you must always leave the vents open if the air conditioner is to produce cold air.


It is crucial to know how to open an LG air conditioner when you need to clean the air filter or replace it. You also need the information for when the unit is due for a cleaning. Follow this guide or hire a professional to open the air conditioner. You can also contact LG for support and assistance when necessary.

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