LG Air Conditioner Remote [How to, Problems & Solutions]

LG makes some of the best electrical appliances, including air conditioners. But while an air conditioner can be in good working condition, an LG air conditioner remote can develop problems. Let us discuss possible solutions.

LG Air Conditioner Remote Not Working – How to Fix

There are only two possible causes for a failed remote control for an LG air conditioner. One is the remote itself. For one, the batteries may be worn out and unable to power the remote. 

Put new batteries in the LG AC remote and see if it resumes working. If the new batteries do not fix it, you may have to replace the remote control. Be sure to contact LG for a compatible remote for your specific air conditioner model.

But if new batteries or a new remote control does not work, the problem may stem from the main control board of the unit. There is an infrared receiver on the board that gets signals to communicate with the remote. But if the receiver fails, the remote cannot send signals to the board. Since you cannot fix a defective control board, the only option is to replace it.

How to Turn On an LG Air Conditioner Without Remote

There is a power button on the air conditioning unit, on the lower right side of the panel. Press the button to turn the air conditioner on if it is off. If you want to turn it off, press the same button again. The button makes it possible to turn the unit on and off without the remote control.

How to Operate an LG Air Conditioner Without Remote

An LG air conditioner has buttons that help you operate the unit without using the remote control. If you lose the remote or it stops working, you can use these buttons to choose the functions of the unit.

The power button on the bottom right of the air conditioner’s control panel allows you to turn the unit off and on without the remote. Simply push the button once to turn it off or on, depending on the mode at any point.

To the left of the unit’s panel, you will see a button that controls the fan speed. It is labeled fan Speed and it controls the speed of the fan at any point. Pressing it may increase or decrease the cooling power of the unit. You can choose between low, medium, and high speeds to choose the desired cooling.

There is a Timer button, close to the button for Fan Speed but to its left. You can use the button to set the timer so that the air conditioner can run on an hourly basis without your control. It can turn on and off at specific times for up to twelve hours. When the indicator illuminates, it means the timer is active.

You can choose different modes on the air conditioner using the Mode button on the bottom left of the control panel. The feature allows you to choose between the cooling, fan, dry, and Energy Saver modes.

The cooling mode conditions the air conditioner to blow cold air. The fan mode deactivates the cooling mode and turns on the fan to circulate air. The dry mode works as a drying function, and the Energy Saver allows cool air to blow but only at a rate that saves energy.

You will find that you can control the temperature using the temperature button right above the power button. The Temperature Up button increases the temperature and allows the air conditioner to operate less. That means the room may not be cool. The Temperature Down button decreases the temperature and allows the unit to run more and cool the room.

The thermostat in your home controls the temperature, which is usually set between sixty and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. The air conditioner works with the set temperature to cool your home.

These buttons control the features of the air conditioner from the unit itself, without the remote control.

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How to Use an LG Air Conditioner Remote

Press the Power button in the middle of the remote to turn the air conditioner on or off. It is the only red button on the remote. In some models, the remote has actual On abd Off buttons. When the air conditioner beeps, it means it has started running. The next step is to press the Mode button to select the unit mode you want.

1. Mode

It is recommended to choose the Auto mode because it automatically sets the fan speed and temperature based on the current room temperature. The Cool mode quickly cools the room but you can adjust the temperature using the temperature button. 

The Dry mode, otherwise called dehumidifying mode, allows the air to remove humidity from the air, especially on humid days. The Heat mode heats the room when the weather is cold. But this feature is available only on LG 2-way air conditioners. The Fan mode helps you select the fan speed based on your needs: high, low, medium, and mixed.

2. Wind Direction

After you turn the air conditioner on, find the Mode button and press it. Choose the unit mode you want and press the temperature button to adjust the room temperature. Then, press the Swing button to change the direction of the wind to suit your needs.

3. Timer

You can use the Timer feature to control when the air conditioner turns on and off. Press the button until you see On flashing. Next, use the arrow buttons to set the time you want. Afterward, press Cancel/Set to complete the task. Shut the timer down by following the same steps, but at the end, select Off. finally, select Cancel to cancel the mode completely.

4. Energy Saver

Press the Energy Control button to use the feature but it only works when the air conditioner is set to Cool. However, the power output drops in this mode. There are three steps in the mode: step 1 reduces the power input by 20%; step 2 reduces the power input by 40%; the third step reduces it by 60%. This is all compared to the rated power output.

Tips to Use an LG Air Conditioner Remote

You cannot use the remote when you are more than seven meters away from the air conditioner. And ensure you do not drop the remote on the floor otherwise, you will damage it. When you are not using it, remove the batteries or they may leak and destroy the remote.

Always replace the batteries after one year and use the same type of batteries at all times. Check with LG for the batteries if you cannot find them elsewhere. Ensure the remote does not lie under direct sunlight or in a humid place. Also, keep it away from the reach of children.

How to Reset an LG Air Conditioner Remote Control

You will see a small hole on the bottom right of the remote control. Find a small sharp object, like a pin, and push it into the hole. Every setting and configuration on the remote will disappear and the remote will go back to factory settings.

LG Air Conditioner Remote Control – From Celsius to Fahrenheit

Press the Mode button on the remote and hold it for about three seconds. The temperature display will switch from displaying in degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit. You can switch back the other way when you choose by following the same steps.


Remote control is a convenient tool to operate different electrical devices, such as an air conditioner. So, if you have problems with your LG air conditioner remote, this article will show you how to fix and even reset it. It is a guide to using the remote, especially if you are new to the LG world. But if you have other concerns, ensure you contact LG to make a report and request service if necessary.

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