LG Air Conditioner Modes [Guide, Issues & Solutions]

The remote allows you to control different LG air conditioner modes. You can switch from Dry to Heat and to Cool. This article is a complete guide of the modes, possible issues, and common solutions.

LG air conditioner modes

LG Air Conditioner AI Mode – What It Means

When you use the AI mode in an LG air conditioner, you are allowing the unit to set the temperature and fan speed automatically. It detects the temperature in the room and adjusts the set temperature and the speed of the fan to accommodate it. However, you will find this mode only in Cooling Only air conditioner models.

LG Air Conditioner Mode Button – How It Functions

On the remote control of an LG air conditioner, you will see a button labeled Mode. the button controls the mode of operation of the unit, switching it from Cool to Dry and Dry to Energy Saver or Fan. If your air conditioner has a heat pump, there will be a Heat mode.

When you pick the remote up and press the Mode button, it will show you the current mode of operation. Keep pressing the button to change the mode until you reach the desired one. The air conditioner will automatically switch to the chosen air conditioning mode.

LG Air Conditioner Dry Mode – How It Works

The Dry mode works by removing the moisture from the air without increasing the cooling capacity. If you turn on the Dry mode when the air conditioner reaches the preset temperature, the fan and compressor go off, leaving only the exhaust fan to run. You cannot adjust the fan speed at this point because it is automatically set. 

Some portable air conditioners work as dehumidifiers because that is basically how a dehumidifier works. All you have to do is to select the mode using the remote or press the corresponding button on the unit’s cabinet if the air is humid. Then, the air conditioner automatically switches to Dry mode. Whichever type of air conditioner you have, you can follow the instructions in the user manual to select Dry mode.

LG Air Conditioner Modes Explained

Apart from the Dry mode of operation, the following are also modes of operation you will find in an LG air conditioner and how each one works:

1. Cool Mode

In this mode of operation, the circulation fan and the compressor are actively running to produce cold air for the room. You can adjust the speed of the fan when it is cooling, and the compressor goes off when the temperature in the room reaches the desired temperature. 

To set this mode of operation, press the up and down arrow buttons to set the temperature you want. Next, press the Mode button continuously until Cool is selected. Then, allow the cooling system to run and cool the room.

2. Fan Mode

The compressor is off when the Fan mode is in operation; only the fan runs. It means the room will not cool, but there will be air circulating as the unit uses no extra power to produce cool air. Use the Fan mode if the room is already cool or you do not want excessive cooling. As with the Cool mode, use the Mode button on the remote to select Fan mode.

3. Energy Saver Mode

Also known as the Eco mode, this mode of operation conserves energy by reducing the running of the exhaust and circulation fans when the compressor goes off. Typically, the circulation fan keeps running at the preset speed even when the compressor goes off. 

The exhaust fan runs with the same cycle as the compressor. So, it turns off when the compressor goes off. But in this mode, the air conditioning unit automatically turns all the fans off along with the compressor when it has run for a cycle.

Use the remote control or control panel to select the Energy Saver mode. With the temperature buttons, set the desired temperature before using the Mode button to select the Energy Saver mode.

4. Auto Mode

This mode of operation sets the temperature and fan speed automatically, and the set temperature will depend on the temperature of the room. Found only in Cooling Only air conditioner models, it keeps the temperature stable without any input from you. As with the others, use the Mode button to select the Auto mode.

5. Heat Mode

Some LG air conditioners, such as the 1.5 Ton 3 Star Hot and Cold Inverter Split unit offer heating as well as cooling. Selecting the Heat mode of operation will allow the room to warm as the outside condenser fan runs. The cooling function stays off as the room temperature rises until it reaches about 30 degrees Celsius.

If you want to switch off any particular mode of operation, switch to another mode or turn the air conditioner off. You cannot actively turn off a mode of operation when the air conditioner is still running; the unit must be set to one mode per time.

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LG Air Conditioner Gen Mode

The Gen mode in an LG air conditioner allows the unit to run at a reduced power level so that you can use other appliances alongside it. Apart from inverter units and other modern types of air conditioners, the typical unit uses up a lot of energy or power to run. 

If you have several appliances that need to run while the air conditioner runs, you may find that your power supply drops and the electricity bills increase. But you can operate an air conditioner in Gen mode while using a generator and powering other appliances such as a refrigerator.

What Is Jet Mode in LG Air Conditioners?

The mode of operation is the Jet Cool function that allows the air conditioner to release cold air with speed without increasing power consumption. It does not matter what the temperature setting is; once you activate the Jet mode, the air conditioner will release coll and strong air at top speed for about thirty minutes. When the temperature drops to eighteen degrees Celsius, the function turns off. The function works best when the weather is hot or icy.

In the Cooling Only model, the function works with Auto, Fan, Dry, and Cool modes, as well as with the Air Purification function. And in the Cooling and Heating model, the function works with the Dry, Heat, and Cool modes. 

To activate the function, turn the air conditioner on by pressing the Power button. Next, press the Mode button to choose the operation mode you want. Then, press the Jet Mode button. Po will appear on the remote’s display and the function will work with the selected mode of operation.

LG Air Conditioner Heat Mode Not Working – What to Do

Check the rating of the British Thermal Unit (BTU) of the unit’s heat capacity. You will find that piece of information on the unit’s specification sheet. The heat capacity on some units is low, meaning the heating function is only secondary. It is not high enough to provide enough heat, so it may appear to not be functioning.

Turn on the air conditioner and set it to Heat mode. Next, place a piece of paper in front of the intake grille; the paper should be drawn to the grille. If this happens, put a hand to the air vent to feel the air. If the air becomes warm, the heater is in good working condition. 

But if not, the heater may not be working as it should, probably because the outside weather is too cold for the heating capacity or the heater may be bad. You may need to contact LG to request service or hire a qualified HVAC technician for further assistance.

LG Air Conditioner Timer Function – How It Works

The timer function in an LG air conditioner allows you to set a specific time for when the unit turns on and goes off. The function can help you to conserve energy when it turns the unit off for a period. 

Locate the timer button on the remote and press it a few times. You will notice that the On/Off icon on the bottom of the display will flash. Next, use the temperature arrow buttons to choose the minutes for the timer and press Set/Cancel to set the timer. Follow the same steps to cancel the timer.

LG Air Conditioner Silent Mode – How It Works

The Silent mode allows you to lower the sound of the outdoor unit by three decibels when compared to the unit’s rated sound pressure. If your unit supports the feature, locate the Silent button on the remote and press it. The outdoor condenser will stop making noise.

However, note that this function may reduce the cooling or heating capacity of the unit. Also, the feature does not work if the Air Circulation function is active.

LG Air Conditioner Sleep Mode – How It Works

The Sleep mode on your LG air conditioner allows you to select the length of time the air conditioner runs while you sleep. The higher the set temperature, the lower the energy consumption. So, the function increases the temperature by two degrees after every half hour until the unit turns off completely.

Ensure your air conditioner is running before pressing the Sleep mode button on the remote control. Using the temperature up and down buttons, select the length of run time for the unit. The lowest time you can choose is one hour and the maximum is seven. You should see a sleepy face star appear on the display after activating the function. Press the Sleep button until the star disappears from the display.

Important Note

If you find that any of the modes are not working, try performing a hard reset. Turn the air conditioner and thermostat off, wait at least thirty seconds, and turn the unit and thermostat on again. Adjust the settings and select the operation mode you want. Contact LG Support Center for assistance if the problem continues.


It is crucial to learn all the LG air conditioner modes so that you can easily operate the unit. It is also important to know what each button on the remote control does as the functions tend to work together to help the unit run.

An LG air conditioner uses the Cool, Auto, Dry, Energy Saver, and Fan modes. In some models, there is also the Heat mode. If you find one or more of the functions are not working, it is crucial to contact LG or hire an independent technician for further assistance.

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