LG Air Conditioner Filter [How to, Issues & Solutions]

An LG air conditioner filter is a vital part of the air conditioning system. If it is dirty or old, the unit will develop several faults.

LG air conditioner filter

LG Air Conditioner Filter Light Stays On – Quick Fix

If you find the filter light on your LG air conditioner, it may be time to clean the filter. Open the front panel or grille and pull out the filter. On some window units, the filter pulls straight out from the top of the grille; you do not have to open the front grille. 

Dust it with a brush to remove loose dirt and debris. If the dirt is significant, which it may be, it will trigger the filter light, so put it in a sink, run water over it and wash it with mild soap. Thoroughly rinse the filter and dry it with a towel. Leave it out to dry completely before putting back in the air conditioner. 

But if the light stays on after cleaning the unit, reset the light. If there is a filter reset button, press and hold it for ten seconds. If your model does not have the filter button, press the Fan button on the unit or the remote. Hold it until the light goes off.

Press the temperature up and down buttons on the control panel simultaneously for other models if the Clean Filter light stays on after cleaning it. When you do this, the light goes off.

Here is a short video demonstrating how to turn off the filter light on an LG window air conditioner…

If the filter light does not go off after resetting it, it is crucial to contact LG Service Center to report the issue and request service.

How to Clean an LG Air Conditioner Filter

Cleaning the air filter in an LG air conditioner is pretty easy. Pull it out of the air conditioner; follow the steps in the user manual for the air conditioner type you have. Note that a portable air conditioner has two filters; some have four filters.

Clean the filter with a brush or wash it in soap and water. Ensure you rinse it and allow it to air-dry before re-inserting it into the air conditioner. This article explains how to clean an LG air conditioner air filter in detail.

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How to Change Filter on an LG Window Air Conditioner

To change the filter on your LG window air conditioner, ensure you purchase the correct type of filter. Use the model number to request a replacement from LG or any authorized OEM dealer.

Turn off the unit by pressing the Power button on the control panel or remote. Next, pull the air inlet grille toward you and lift the filter from it after slightly raising it. Fix the new filter in the same space and slide it into position in the front grille; ensure it fits securely.

Note: The same steps apply to LG through-the-wall air conditioning units. In some models, you will have to remove the front panel before accessing the air filter. This video shows how to remove and replace the air filter in this wall unit…

LG Air Conditioner Filter Location

The air filter’s location in an LG air conditioner is usually at the front, behind the cover. It sits in the space where air passes in from the room into the unit. That way, it can efficiently filter the air and remove impurities. You will see the air filter once you remove the front cover or inlet grille.


Clean your LG air conditioner filter every two weeks to keep it in optimal shape. If the filter is significantly dirty, it will cause the evaporator coil to freeze and reduce the air conditioner’s cooling capacity. Over time, it will affect condensate drainage and other unit parts.

Some air filters, such as those found in split units may not need regular cleaning. This is because they usually use a triple filter or an ionizer filter; some also use the traditional type of air filter. A triple requires cleaning every three months, while an ionizer should be cleaned every six months. The same cleaning method applies to filters in units that are not frequently used or in areas with clean air.

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