LG Air Conditioner Shutting Off [Problems Solved]

Insufficient power supply or a faulty component can cause the problem of an LG air conditioner shutting off. This article discusses possible causes and solutions.

LG Air Conditioner Compressor Keeps Shutting Off – How to Fix

The problem may stem from overheating or a clogged drain line. When the compressor is too hot, it shuts itself down as a way of protection. The condenser fan must be running while the compressor is operating to ensure it does not overheat. Also, a clogged drain line causes the drain pan to overflow and throw the float switch to turn off the unit.

Power fluctuations and low refrigerant in the system are also possible causes of the problem. When the refrigerant level is low, the compressor tends to run more than it should to keep up the cooling capacity. Over time, it begins to overheat. And power fluctuations can cause too much current to overheat the motor.

LG Air Conditioner Shutting Off – Compressor Issues

Furthermore, a dirty condenser or wiring short in the compressor can also lead to the compressor overheating. Incorrect temperature and mode settings will frequently turn off the compressor, even if you turn it on again. Check the mode of operation to ensure it is on Cool and the temperature is low enough to keep the compressor up and running.

In addition, check the size of the air conditioner to ensure it is not too big for the room. This is especially true for LG portable air conditioners. If the British Thermal Units (BTUs) are too high compared to the size of the room, the cooling capacity will be too much. It means the air conditioner cools the room too quickly and the thermostat shuts off the compressor.

Finally, check the circuit breaker. Power fluctuations can cause the breaker to trip off. And having too many appliances running on one circuit can overpower it. This article has detailed troubleshooting and repair steps to help you solve the problem.

Note: These steps apply to all types of LG air conditioners: split/multi-split, window/wall, and portable air conditioners. Contact LG Support Center if you cannot fix the problem or your specific unit seems too challenging to troubleshoot and repair.

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LG Air Conditioner Keeps Turning Off – Solved

There may be a timer that automatically shuts the unit off when it drops to a certain temperature. Inspect the air conditioner to see if there is an Energy Saver label on it. If you see one, it will explain the timer. The unit will turn it off and turn it on again when the temperature rises.

Also, check the air filter. It may be significantly dirty, causing the unit to turn off when it should not. The same applies to a dirty condenser. These dirty components will restrict airflow and shut off the unit before it runs for too long.

The thermostat must be in good working condition, with functional batteries. And you must set it to the correct mode and temperature. Furthermore, it must be in the correct location in your house to function properly with the air conditioner. 

Lastly, test the compressor. A faulty compressor causes an air conditioner to keep turning off. You may need the services of an HVAC technician to run the test and check other components, as this article explains in detail.

Note: These troubleshooting methods apply to the air conditioner if it keeps turning on and off.

LG Air Conditioner Keeps Running When Turned Off – Quick Fix

If you find that your LG air conditioner keeps running even after you have turned it off, the problem may stem from the weather being too hot. It may also stem from the limit control switch or an incorrectly set thermostat. A faulty thermostat can also cause the problem. Additionally, open windows, doors, or any other opening through which warm air enters the room can interfere with the unit’s functionality. This article explains what to do in each situation in detail.


It is crucial to find a permanent solution to the problem of your LG air conditioner shutting off. Managing the unit that way is good, but it may damage the compressor beyond repair. Therefore, check the compressor, condenser and fan, drain line, circuit breaker, and air conditioner size. These are possible causes of the unit shutting off.

Regularly servicing your LG air conditioner keeps it efficiently running. So, contact LG for servicing or hire an independent service technician for the job.

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