LG Air Conditioner Timer [How to, Issues & Solutions]

An LG air conditioner timer plays a role in how long the unit lasts and how well it functions. This article explains what a timer is and how to solve common timer issues.

What Is a Timer in an Air Conditioner?

A timer in an air conditioner, whether or not it is an LG brand, is a function that allows you to time how long the unit runs within 24 hours. Using the timer, you can time the air conditioner to run for some time and automatically shut off. The function works well for days when you are not home but want to come home to a cool house without piling your electricity bills.

How to Set the Timer on an LG Split Air Conditioner

To set the timer on an LG split air conditioner, ensure the unit is powered on and running. Next, locate the Timer button on the remote control for the unit and press it several times in a consecutive manner. You will see On/Off flashing at the bottom of the remote’s display.

When it is set at On/Off, you will notice a timer beside the selection on the unit’s display. That is where you will input the minutes you want to set for the air conditioner. So, use the temperature arrow buttons to choose the number of minutes. After that, press the Set/Cancel button near the bottom of the remote to activate the timer.

If you wish to turn the function off, repeatedly press the Timer button to see the On/Off selection at the bottom of the display. Next, press the Set/Cancel button on the remote to cancel it. Press the button again to cancel all the settings for the timer.

Setting the Timer for an LG Window Air Conditioner

If you want to set the timer for an LG window unit, ensure the unit is turned on and running. Find the Timer button and press it to activate the timer. You can use the temperature up and down buttons to set the time you want, up to twelve hours. 

According to the temperature needs, the function starts and stops the unit per hour. You will notice that the indicator on the air conditioner’s control panel is lit when the function is active. To turn the function off, press Timer once, and the light will go off.

Setting the Timer on an LG Portable Air Conditioner

Press the Timer button on the control panel to select the function. You will 0 on the LCD of the air conditioner so that you can input the delay time you want for turning the unit on and off. Use the arrow buttons that help you adjust the set temperature to adjust the timer setting from one hour to 24 hours, going in increments of one hour per time.

If you want to set the automatic timer delay for when the air conditioner comes on, ensure the unit is not running before pressing the Timer button. Next, use the arrow buttons to set the time you desire. The display will show you the timer left before the air conditioner comes on again as you press the button. For example, if you set the time to 2, the air conditioner will come on after 2 hours.

But to set the automatic timer delay before the unit goes off, ensure the air conditioner is running before pressing the Timer button. Next, select the time delay you want using the arrow buttons, and the time will appear on the display as you press the arrow buttons. Once set, the air conditioner will go off after it has run for the specified time.

Press the Timer button once to see the number of hours you set for the timer delay. To change the set time, press the button once and when the time on the screen starts blinking, adjust it using the temperature arrow buttons.

Cancel the function by pressing the Timer button and adjusting the set time to 0 when the number on the screen begins to blink. You can also cancel the function by pressing the Timer button once, and when the set time starts to flash on the unit’s display, press the button again.

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LG Air Conditioner Timer Light Blinking – Quick Fix

The wiring may have been done incorrectly, or there may be a fault in the system. Also, there may be a communication error between the outdoor and indoor units in cases where they are mismatched. It may trigger the blinking timer light.

You can remove the cover or front panel of the air conditioner to check for loose twisted wiring. If you are unsure of what to look for, it is best to contact LG Service Center to request service, especially if you have an active warranty. Alternatively, use the services of an independent but qualified HVAC technician for further assistance.

LG Air Conditioner Sleep Timer – What It Does

Some LG air conditioners have a sleep mode where you can set a timer to turn off the unit. Once set, the air conditioner automatically increases the temperature by two degrees Fahrenheit after the first half-hour. It will run and after one hour, increase the temperature again by two degrees Fahrenheit. The unit will continue to run in this manner until it reaches the set time and turns off.

The sleep mode works best at night when the temperature tends to drop. Instead of waking at intervals to increase the set temperature or even turning off the unit, you can use the sleep mode and time when the unit switches off automatically. Moreover, the mode helps conserve energy consumption.


An LG air conditioner timer is one of the best functions of the air conditioner. It is one way to save money on electricity bills without compromising the unit’s functionality. It is also easy to use the function; this article guides how to use the timer and fix minor issues.

However, contact LG for support or use the services of a service technician if the timer becomes faulty or the air conditioner becomes unresponsive to the function. It is best to fix the fault as quickly as possible to avoid compounding the problem.

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