Carrier Air Conditioner Lock [Issues & Solutions]

A Carrier air conditioner lock has its uses. It can prevent accidental changes in the settings so that the unit can function well. But if the lock has issues, it can be frustrating. This article tackles issues and solutions.

Carrier air conditioner lock

How to Unlock a Carrier Air Conditioner Thermostat

To unlock the thermostat of a Carrier air conditioner, check the thermostat and find the Mode button. Also, find the Up and Down arrow buttons on the thermostat. When you do, go back to the Mode button, press it and hold it. Next, press the arrow buttons at the same time and give a space of one second. The Locked icon showing on the thermostat’s display should disappear. Then, you can use the thermostat as usual.

How to Lock A Carrier Air Conditioner Remote

To lock the remote of a Carrier air conditioner, you need to consult the user manual. Different models have various ways to lock the remote. In some models, you have to press the two Swing buttons to activate the lock. In a few other models, you press the Timer On and Timer Off buttons to activate the lock feature.

Carrier Air Conditioner Lock – How to Unlock Remote

If your Carrier air conditioner remote is already locked and you need to unlock it, follow the same steps above if they apply. Press the button combinations depending on your specific model to unlock the remote. If the steps do not apply, use the manual to determine what to do.

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Carrier Air Conditioner High-Pressure Lockout – How to Fix

If your Carrier Infinity air conditioner has a high-pressure lockout, a few things can cause it to happen. The condenser coil may be too dirty, preventing a proper airflow, or the condenser fan is not working and the coil is overheating. Also, there may be a restriction on the refrigerant flow, causing the head pressure to build.

If you notice this high-pressure lockout pressure and an error code 84 displayed, check the condenser coil. It is simple to clean the coil if it is significantly dirty. Turn off the air conditioner, especially the outdoor circuit breaker before cleaning the condenser. Get a hose with an attached sprayer and spray water with gentle force into the condenser from the louvers.

If you can, remove the condenser cover and lift the condenser fan enough to spray the coil. That way, you get a better reach and result. Otherwise, leave the fan where it is so that you do not disconnect the wires. Put the cover back on the condenser when you are done, allow the condenser to dry, turn on the air conditioner, and check the error.

But if the condenser coil is clean yet, the high-pressure problem persists, check the fan. You may have to run the unit to test it. If the air conditioner runs without the fan spinning, it explains the heat problem, leading to a pressure buildup. The capacitor or control circuit may be faulty, so you need to hire a professional HVAC technician for the job.

The fan’s motor may also be defective. If that is the case, it may be easier to fix it yourself instead of checking the capacitor and replacing it. Turn off the power supply to the unit and open the condensing unit. Pull the fan up and disconnect the wires before removing the motor. Next, run a continuity test on it using a multimeter. If the motor shows no continuity, replace it.

Refrigerant issues must be handled by a trained professional. They will detect the leak in the sealed system and fix it. Also, they can help determine the cause of the leak so it does not happen again. Where there is a restriction on the flow of the gas, they can remove the obstruction to improve the refrigerant flow.

Note: If you experience a thermal lockout in your Carrier unit, cleaning the condenser coil is likely to correct the issue. If the coil is not the problem, check the condenser fan.


It is typically straightforward to fix a Carrier air conditioner lock issue. The user manual usually has instructions on what to do. But if you are unsure of the steps to take, contact the Carrier Service Center to request service. Alternatively, use the services of a qualified appliance technician to diagnose possible causes and permanently fix the problem.

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