How to Service a Carrier Air Conditioner [Detailed Guide]

Regular servicing or maintenance checks help any appliance last longer, including air conditioners. This article is a detailed guide on how to service a Carrier air conditioner.

how to service a Carrier air conditioner

How to Service a Carrier Air Conditioner

Servicing or maintaining a Carrier air conditioner involves cleaning it. Sometimes, it is necessary to run a detailed maintenance check, especially if the unit is still under warranty. However, you can ensure to keep the air conditioning system in optimal condition by cleaning it in between checks. One of the most important parts to clean is the outdoor condensing unit, for systems with an indoor and outdoor unit. Another part is the air filter.

Regularly check the area around the outdoor unit for dirt, debris, and foliage. The unit has a fan that operates when the system is running. Its operation can attract dirt and debris and trap them in the condensing unit. Follow this guide on how to clean a Carrier air conditioner to clean the outdoor unit.

However, before cleaning this unit, there may be shrubs and foliage to clear. This is especially true if you use shrubs to protect the unit from damage or to dampen the noise from it. It is crucial to trim the shrubs and clear any dead grass and leaves around the system. This helps to improve air circulation and ensure there is no overheating, which can stop the air conditioner from working well.

Changing the Air Filter

Another important aspect of servicing a carrier air conditioner yourself is to change the air filter. The filter is usually inside the indoor unit; once you remove the front panel, you should see it. The same applies to all models, including the portable units, although the portable ones may have more than one air filter. In some units, such as the central air conditioning system, the filter may be near the indoor unit.

Replace or clean the air filter as regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. The filter plays a vital role in how well the system functions. It can reduce the air conditioner’s cooling capacity if it is significantly clogged with dirt. The same applies to all types of air filters for Carrier air conditioners, even the sophisticated air purifying types.

However, the frequency of changing the filter depends on a few factors, even though it is crucial to change them from time to time. The type and quality of the filter inform you when to change it. The regular-type one-inch filter should be replaced every two to three months. But a larger and more sophisticated four-inch media filter can last much longer, as long as one year in some cases. The length of time is determined by the air quality in your area and home, whether or not you have pets, allergies, air conditioner usage frequency and setting, and fan use for proper air circulation.

The owner’s manual for the air conditioning includes care and maintenance tips for the user. Follow the instructions in the manual to know when to change the air filter, no matter the type or quality. Some air filters are reusable while others are disposable. The disposable ones cannot be cleaned, so once they are dirty, discard and replace them. But the reusable types can last longer because you can wash them.

Cleaning and checking different parts of your Carrier air conditioner minimize minor errors and issues, especially those resulting from dirt and other forms of debris. The air conditioner may develop faults during regular use if you do not clean it often. Worse still, dirt can reduce its lifespan, causing you to spend money on a new unit before it is due. If you have an active warranty, regularly maintaining and servicing the unit may be a part of the documentation and without it, the warranty is voided.

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It is a relief to know you can save some money on basic air conditioner servicing by cleaning the unit as regularly as recommended. Follow this guide on how to service a Carrier air conditioner if you own this type of system to keep it in optimum working condition. Thoroughly cleaning the condenser coil, condenser fan, compressor, evaporator coil, blower, and air filter are vital parts of servicing the unit.

However, while these are tasks you can perform yourself to help extend the life of the air conditioner, it is crucial to know when to call a professional HVAC technician. You may not need them to clean the unit, but you will need them if the air conditioner stops cooling or barely cools the room even when the temperature is moderate. You will also need them if the air conditioner runs longer than it should per time, the condenser coil or copper refrigerant pipes freeze too often, or the system short cycles.

Contact the Carrier Service Center and explain the issues before requesting service. A trained and independent HVAC technician can also run a maintenance check on the unit, but you must certify their expertise and training before the service.

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