How to Reset a Carrier Air Conditioner [Detailed Guide]

You can fix minor air conditioner errors and faults by resetting the unit. This article is a guide on how to reset a Carrier air conditioner.

how to reset a Carrier air conditioner

Where Is the Reset Button on My Carrier Air Conditioner?

The reset button on a Carrier air conditioner may be beneath the display, but check the user manual to determine the exact location. Most Carrier air conditioners have reset buttons, some on the outside condensing unit, and they are small but are usually labeled.

How to Reset a Carrier Air Conditioner Unit

Once you locate the reset button on your Carrier air conditioner, press the button. Hold it for about three seconds and let the button go. The air conditioner may not respond to this initial reset step. So, press the button again and hold it for an extra three seconds. The display should flash a light this time. Allow the air conditioner some time to reset fully and test the unit. It should work properly at this time.

How to Reset a Carrier Air Conditioner Thermostat

The basic resetting step for a standard digital thermostat is simple. You may find a reset button on the panel; press the button if there is one and hold it for about five seconds. The thermostat should reset and begin working. 

Another option is to turn the circuit breaker off and cut power to the thermostat and other appliances. Leave the breaker off for a few minutes, and turn it on again. This method is a hard reset and may fix any error with the thermostat. 

If the thermostat is powered by batteries, remove them, change their directions for a few seconds, and return them to the correct directions. Replace the batteries if they are dead. Always consult the thermostat’s manual for instructions on how to reset the thermostat.

If you have a Carrier Infinity unit, you can reset the thermostat by resetting the comfort profiles. Simply select the comfort profile you want and press the arrow buttons going up and down. The arrow buttons allow you to adjust the settings of the fan and the cooling and heating settings. After selecting all the settings you desire, press Done to complete the task.

If that does not work, use the circuit breaker to reset the thermostat. Newer Carrier Infinity thermostats allow you to do this. Go to the main screen of the thermostat and press Mode and after that, press Off. Next, go to the circuit breaker, turn it off, wait about thirty seconds, and turn it on again. Go back to the thermostat and select Mode again, take it from Off to Cool, Heat, Fan, or Auto.

However, if none of the above works in fixing the thermostat, you may need professional services. Contact the Carrier Service Center to request service or hire a technician to troubleshoot further.

Carrier Air Conditioner Control Panel Reset – Steps

If you want to reset the control panel on your Carrier air conditioner, follow the same steps as when resetting the entire unit. Locate the reset button, typically under the display or on the panel. The button should be marked, although it is usually small. Follow the steps in this article to reset the control panel and troubleshoot further if the reset does not work.

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How to Reset a Carrier Air Conditioner Remote Control

There is a small pinhole at the bottom of a Carrier air conditioner remote control. Get a pin or paper clip and insert it into the hole. Press the hole with the pin or clip until the remote’s display flashes and the remote resets. If you are unsure of the steps or the remote does not have this pinhole, try removing the batteries, wait five seconds, and replace them. Try the remote control again and see if it is working. If nothing else works, you may need a new remote or contact Carrier for further assistance.


Sometimes, resetting an air conditioner is crucial to its functionality. This article on how to reset a Carrier air conditioner is a guide that helps you fix minor issues. It is important to note that resetting an air conditioner is not a way to fix every issue with the unit. If there are extensive problems, resetting the air conditioner may not fix them. Seek professional help if the reset does not work.

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