Carrier Air Conditioner Leaking [Quick Fix]

An air conditioner should leak some water during normal operation, but if it is excessive or leaking in the wrong place, it becomes a problem. This article discusses the problem of a Carrier air conditioner leaking.

Carrier air conditioner leaking

Carrier Air Conditioner Leaking Water – Quick Fix

Check the angle of the air conditioner, especially if it is a wall or window unit. If it is leaning forward too much, the angle means the air conditioner will leak water into the house. Therefore, adjust the unit so that it leans backward more than forward. Ensure the water drains outside and is not excessive.

If the water is not draining out of the unit, check the drain line. Over time, dirt and debris can block the drain line and prevent the free flow of water out of the air conditioning system. If that is the case, it explains the leaking water’ the water must find another way out of the air conditioner.  Get a wet/dry vacuum and clean the drain line. Also, clean the drain pan and ensure it is still in good working condition before putting it back in place.

Carrier Air Conditioner Leaking Freon – Solved

If your Carrier air conditioner is leaking freon, the first step is to turn it off. The freon should stop leaking once the unit is off. Then, contact the Carrier Service Center for professional assistance or employ the services of an independent HVAC technician.

Temperature fluctuations can cause refrigerant or freon pipes to wear out and leak, especially when the fluctuations are extreme. Other factors, such as by-products of cleaning agents, can also contribute to the pipes’ deterioration. It is more typical to see in newer homes than in older ones due to the presence of formaldehyde in building materials.

The copper materials of the pipes will wear out over time, but they should not happen too quickly. So, if you find that your air conditioner is leaking freon, it is crucial to check the point of leakage. Many times, the leak comes from outside the house, in the condensing unit. However, it can also happen if the evaporator coil in the indoor unit springs a leak. Only a professional can correctly detect the leaks and fix them.

Carrier Air Conditioner Not Dripping Water – What to Do

Check the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. If it is cooling well and nothing else seems to be wrong, it may be nothing to worry about except that you need to add water. But if the air coming from the air conditioner is dry, it may indicate that the unit is not producing condensation because the room air is also dry. That will explain the lack of dripping water.

Typically, the air conditioner should remove condensation through a drain pipe. However, if the air is not exactly humid, there may not be enough condensation to dispense from the unit. Nevertheless, it should not continue for a long time; if the Carrier air conditioner does not drip water for a long time, even in dry weather, it needs servicing. Let a professional technician inspect ad fix the possible issues.

You can also check the condensate drain pipe to see if it is blocked. That may explain the lack of water, but you should also see a good amount of water stored inside the unit. In some cases, the water may start dripping into the house. Clean the drain and pan using a wet/dry vacuum to remove debris.

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Carrier Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside – How to Fix

The most likely cause of a Carrier air conditioner leaking water into the house is a clogged drain. If dirt or debris covers the drain pan or fills the drain line, water from the air conditioner cannot freely flow out. So, check the drain pan and clean the drain line using a wet/dry vacuum. Run warm water or a solution of water and vinegar through the durian to ensure nothing is blocking it.

Another possible cause is a damaged drain pan. If it is cracked or rusted, water will flow right out into the house, missing the drain. This problem is likely to occur with old air conditioners, so if yours is older than ten years, you may have to replace the drain pan to avoid the leakage. This article explains more about how to fix the problem.

Low refrigerant or a dirty air filter can cause the evaporator coil to freeze often. When the ice melts, it fills the drain pan with water and overflows inside the house. If the drain pan and line are in good working condition, check the refrigerant level and the filter. Replace or clean the filter; if the problem continues, have a technician check the refrigerant in the closed system.


If you have a problem with a Carrier air conditioner leaking, the most important step is to find a permanent solution. If it is leaking into the house, check the drain line, drain pan, and evaporator coil. Also, check the air filter to ensure it is not in need of a replacement.

However, if the unit is leaking freon, contact Maytag to report the issue and request service. Alternatively, hire a professional technician to check the closed system, find the leak, and fix it. Ensure you turn the unit off before contacting any technician for help; it will stop any further leakage.

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