How to Replace a Goodman AC Blower Motor [Quick Guide]

If you are looking for how to replace a Goodman AC blower motor, look no further. You have come to the right place; this article is a guide to make the replacement.

How to Replace a Goodman AC Blower Motor

To replace the blower motor in a Goodman air conditioner, pull out the housing that holds both the blower and the motor. You will be able to pull the motor out and separate it from the blower, much like you do a condenser fan motor. You may have to disconnect some wires before replacing the motor. 

There are universal replacements for AC blower motors, so you are sure to find a replacement for that in your Goodman AC. Ensure you attach the blower wheel after replacing the motor because you will have to remove a curved plate close to the wheel slides out of the motor housing.

Sometimes, an AC blower motor stops working because the capacitor is no longer in good working condition. The motor turns backward and continues running when the capacitor stops working, but it does not blow any air. It is when you notice that there is no cool air from the AC that you may realize the motor is no longer running. Replace the capacitor to get the motor up and running again instead of replacing the motor.

However, the primary reason an AC blower motor fails is dirt. Typically, the AC air filter should catch the debris flying through the air and prevent it from clogging the motor. But if the filter is clogged or is in desperate need of a replacement, it can no longer hold off the dirt. Consequently, dirt plugs the vent hole, blankets the motor, and causes it to overheat.

In such a situation, the motor may not need a replacement. All you may need to do is to replace the air filter and thoroughly clean the blower motor to get it working again. Ensure there is no dirt around the blower housing so that nothing quickly clogs the motor soon after cleaning it.

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Different Air Conditioning Motors

Apart from the blower motor, an air conditioner also has a condenser fan with a motor. It is usually located in the outside unit but the ends are sealed to prevent water from entering and destroying it. However, it is easy and affordable to replace if it burns out or is damaged in any way.

There is the compressor motor or simply the compressor. It is a fragile part of the unit and can get damaged quickly, plus, it is pretty expensive to replace. Therefore, it is sealed inside its housing. You may also find an ECM motor, which is basically a blower motor with a module, mounted on one of its ends, that is electronically controlled.

Quick Recap

It is crucial to fix an AC blower motor that is no longer functioning. If you suspect your Goodman AC blower motor is bad, this article is a guide on how to replace a Goodman AC blower motor. However, employ the services of a professional HVAC agent if you cannot replace the blower motor yourself.

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