Goodman Air Conditioner Compressor [Problems & Solutions]

Goodman air conditioner compressor is a vital part of the unit’s operation. Problems with the compressor will cause the air conditioning unit to grind to a halt. Therefore, it is crucial to fix them.

Goodman Air Conditioner Compressor Reset Switch – Where to Find

Not all Goodman air conditioning units have a reset switch or button. If your user manual indicates the presence of a reset switch, it will also show its exact location. In most of these types, the reset switch is usually beside the tubing that is welded to the outside unit. That means the switch is in the outside condenser unit, next to the welded tube.

Pressing the reset button will reset the compressor of the AC unit. But if your Goodman air conditioner does not have a dedicated reset button or switch, this article details steps to reset the unit.

Goodman Air Conditioner Compressor

Goodman Air Conditioner Compressor Not Working – How to Fix

Check the following if you find that the compressor in a Goodman air conditioner is not working:

1. Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat may be damaged or malfunctioning. Its job of turning the compressor and fan motor on and off means that it plays a vital role in how the compressor works. 

Turn the thermostat off, wait a few seconds, and turn it on again. If the compressor does not resume operations, test the thermostat with a multimeter to check whether or not it has continuity. You may have to replace it if you find no continuity.

2. Capacitor

The capacitor supplies power to the compressor, enabling it to start and run. Without the capacitor, the compressor will have a hard time starting. So, check the capacitor using a multimeter. It should have continuity corresponding with that written on its side. If it is incorrect, replace the capacitor.

3. Temperature Board

While the temperature control board may be the root of the problem, it is not always the problem. Also, misdiagnosing the board is pretty easy. So, check to see if the board has signs of arcing or burning. You may have to replace it, but only after you have eliminated other possible causes.

4. Overload Protector

The overload protector keeps the compressor from being overloaded by current or heat. But the protector itself does not have coverage, so it may quickly burn out. And when it does, the compressor begins to malfunction. Using a multimeter, check to see if the overload protector is damaged. You can tell that if there is no continuity; replace the protector if there is no continuity.

5. Thermistor

Locate the thermistor in the air conditioner by consulting the user manual. When you find it, get a multimeter and run a continuity test on the thermistor. It should show continuity if it is in good working condition. If you do not find continuity, replace the thermistor.

The thermistor detects the temperature of the air and alerts the control board to turn on the cooling system. As a result, the air conditioner cools the room. However, this process is truncated if the thermistor is defective because it cannot correctly sense the air temperature.

6. Selector Switch

The switch sends voltage to the compressor, making it vital to the compressor’s operations. If the switch fails, the compressor may run only intermittently, especially when you turn the knob or press the buttons of the selector. Replace the switch if other parts like the compressor, overload, and capacitor are in good working condition.

You may also want to check the main control board for burn marks or arcing if nothing else seems to work. But be careful with diagnosing the board because it is easy to get the wrong diagnosis, and it is not ideal to replace a perfectly functional main control board. Otherwise, ensure you purchase the correct type for your Goodman air conditioner.

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Fix a Goodman air conditioner compressor if you suspect the air conditioner appears to be faulty. The air conditioner will not run if the compressor is faulty. Have an HVAC service technician look at the compressor to determine whether or not to replace the compressor or the entire air conditioning unit.

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