Goodman Air Conditioner Tripping Breaker [How to Fix]

Is your Goodman air conditioner tripping breaker? Fixing the problem is crucial if you want to preserve other electrical appliances in your home.

Why Does My Home AC Keep Tripping Breaker?

The following are some possible causes why your home air conditioning unit is tripping the circuit breaker:

1. Air Filter Is Dirty

When the filter gets excessively dirty, the dirt chokes the blower and prevents it from releasing air. It is much like throwing a blanket over a fan; it has a hard time blowing and may stop working overtime. As a result of the dirt, the blower has to work extra hard to blow air into the room and pull more power to do this. The process causes the breaker to trip.

2. Circuit Breaker Is Faulty

The wire connections in the circuit breaker may be loose or the breaker panel may be defective. In such a case, it has nothing to do with the air conditioning unit, but the breaker itself. The problem may stem from age or power surges. Fortunately, it is not expensive or difficult to fix the problem.

3. Outside Unit Is Dusty

The refrigerant or freon in the inside air conditioning unit soaks up the heat in the air before flowing to the unit outside the house. There, the condenser dissipates the heat the refrigerant carries into the atmosphere. However, dirt easily clogs the condenser and restricts the flow of hot air. Consequently, the unit draws a lot of power to run and dissipate heat, eventually tripping the breaker.

You can clean the air conditioner outside unit yourself, but it may be too challenging. For one, you may not have the required cleaning equipment and agents. Also, you may permanently damage the fins during the process. Consider hiring a professional for the job. But follow this guide if you must do it yourself.

4. Compressor Is Malfunctioning

Wear and tear can cause the compressor to malfunction. As the motor ages, it will have a harder time starting and running. Since it is the center of the air conditioning unit, it will need to pull all the current it needs to run. Consequently, it will start tripping the breaker.

Another possible cause may be from the compressor having a loose internal electrical winding. If the loose winding hits the compressor’s side, it will cause it to become grounded. The current surge that happens during the process causes the breaker to trip.

5. Motor Is Bad

The motors in the air conditioner constantly run to keep the unit up and running. If they run too long, one of them may become too hot and break down the wire insulation. This causes the short.

What it means is that the electricity flowing in the wires leaves the usual path and takes another route. The wires begin to handle much more electric current than they should, and it causes overheating and melting.

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Goodman Air Conditioner Tripping Breaker – What to Do

Fixing the above issues will fix a Goodman air conditioner tripping your home’s circuit breaker.

1. Replace the Air Filter

Remove the air filter and put a new one in its place. Some air filters allow for washing, especially if they have not been in use for longer than three months. If the air filter in your Goodman air conditioner allows it, you can wash it and put it back in place. Otherwise, find a filter with the right dimensions and replace the old one.

2. Check the Circuit Breaker

Checking the circuit breaker is not usually a job for a layman. So, if you suspect the circuit breaker is the source of the problem, it is best to hire an electrician to come out and tighten possible loose connections and check the entire panel. Replace the circuit breaker if nothing else works.

3. Clean the Outside Unit

When the outside unit gets too dirty, it is crucial to do a thorough cleaning job. It is usually ideal to use a professional well trained in the job to clean it, but you can opt to do the job yourself. Turn off power to the air conditioning unit before attempting to clean the outside condenser unit.

4. Check the Compressor

You can have an HVAC technician use a capacitor to try starting the compressor. The capacitor will give the compressor the power it needs to start and run smoothly. That way, it will not have to pull too much current and trip the breaker.

Another option is to clean the cooling lines and replace the compressor. It may not be an easy or inexpensive fix, but it may be the best option if the breaker problem will permanently stop. Only a certified technician can perform this task as it may involve live voltage.

5. Fix the Short

A short in a motor is not an easy problem to diagnose or fix. If nothing else works, it is crucial to check if the motor has shorted. The diagnosis has to be made by a technician if it must be accurate.

Quick Recap

Find a permanent solution to a Goodman air conditioner tripping breaker in your home. One or more of the possible causes can be a fire hazard, and that is another reason to fix it as quickly as possible. Contact the manufacturer for assistance and service or hire an independent HVAC technician for the job.

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