Goodman Air Conditioner Filter [Detailed ‘How to’ Guide]

Your Goodman air conditioner filter plays the vital role of removing impurities from the air the unit dispenses. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to take care of the filter.

Does a Goodman Air Conditioner Have a Filter?

A Goodman air conditioner has air filters, just like other air conditioning units. The filters play a significant role in preventing dust and debris from building up inside the unit and reducing the amount of clean air that flows into your home.

Location of Goodman Air Conditioner Filters

The filters in a Goodman air conditioner are located behind the front access panel on the interior unit. Once you unmount the holding screws and remove the panel, you will see the filters. It is recommended that you replace the air filters every three months to keep them working optimally to prevent dust and dirt.

How to Change Filter on a Goodman Air Conditioner

Find the filter door on the air handler of the unit. You will find the old filter in front so that you can easily pull it out. Disconnecting the air conditioner from electric power is optional, but for safety reasons, you may want to turn it off.

Pull the old filter out and insert the new filter in its place. Ensure you place it in the direction of the airflow. That may be one reason to leave the unit running while you replace the filter; it helps you determine the correct direction of the airflow.

Replacing the air filter is important not only for the purification of the air in your home but also for prolonging the life of the air conditioner. A buildup of dirt will affect other key parts of the unit and damage them if the filter is left unchecked. The filter can trap dirt and debris like hair, pet dander, and pollen, among other things. Mixed in moisture, the filter can become a breeding ground for bacteria and affect health on a long-time basis.

This video is a visual demonstration of how to replace the air filter in your Goodman air conditioner…

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How Do You Clean a Goodman Air Conditioner Filter?

If you are not inclined to replace the air filter in your Goodman air conditioner every three months, you can opt to clean it. This article describes the cleaning process in detail. Ensure you follow the safety measures before removing and cleaning the filter. Also, consider cleaning the filter every month because it quickly accumulates debris that may be harmful if left for too long. However, consider replacing it after six months.


It is crucial to clean a Goodman air conditioner filter or replace it when it is due. The filter gathers all sorts of debris and may pose a health hazard if it is neglected for too long. If you are unsure how to replace or clean it, this guide has instructions to follow. But you can always use the services of a qualified HVAC agent to do the job.

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