Carrier Air Conditioner Blinking/Flashing [Proven Solution]

If an air conditioner begins to blink or flash, it may an indication of one error. It does not have to be a major fault, but you must check and fix it. This article is about Carrier air conditioner blinking.

Carrier air conditioner blinking

Carrier Air Conditioner Blinking Green Light – Solved

If a Carrier air conditioner starts blinking and showing a green light, it may be due to several causes. One is too much voltage; if there is a surge in the voltage shuts itself down in self-protection. The green light is a sign of the problem and alerts you to it so that you can correct it.

Another possible cause is the power cord. Check to see if it is damaged and look for ways to repair it. If that is not possible, replace it. The power cord is what connects the unit to electric power. If it becomes damaged, the unit will stop receiving power or receive too much of it, and throw an alarm.

Also, check the refrigerant level as poor cooling due to insufficient refrigerant can cause the green light to appear. This step will require the help of a trained professional, so contact Carrier Service Center or hire an independent one. Furthermore, check the air conditioner fan; debris may be stuck in it. Clean and remove it if that is the case.

Additionally, check the mode setting if you use a multi-split unit. In such a case, there is typically one outdoor unit and a few indoor ones. If all the indoor units are not set to the same operating mode, there will be an error in the system, exposed by the green light. Therefore, check the units if it applies and make necessary adjustments.

These steps should clear the green light when the problems are fixed. However, if the light remains, it is crucial to get professional assistance to prevent irreparable damage to the air conditioner.

Carrier Air Conditioner Blinks 5 Times – What to Do

Disconnect the air conditioner from electric power and turn off the circuit breaker. Allow the unit to sit unplugged and without power for a few minutes and plug it in again. If the unit continues to blink in that order, it may be a problem with wiring or the control board. You will need professional help to determine the actual cause of the error and fix it.

Carrier RV Air Conditioner Blinks 5 TImes

Reset the computer for the RV by disconnecting the 12V from electric power for some seconds. That gives the compressor and other parts time to reset and reboot. Turn it on again and check the unit. If the problem stems from the computer, it is a more severe problem that needs immediate attention. That means calling for professional help or having the system replaced.

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Carrier Air Conditioner Light Blinking – Quick Fix

If you notice the light in your Carrier air conditioner blinking, the first thing to do is to turn it off and power down the circuit breaker. Wait a few seconds and turn it on again. If the unit begins operating normally, you know it was a minor problem, there are no loose wires, and you do not need professional help.

However, if the light continues blinking, check the breaker’s fuses and rest the circuit breaker. Since the air conditioner likely works through the wiring from the breaker, a fault in it will trigger an alarm in the air conditioner that shows through the blinking light. After resetting the breaker, the unit should function well; otherwise, you may have to replace one or more fuses if they are blown. You may not be sure if this is an issue unless you have the training or use the services of an electrician.

Also, check the error codes for the unit; the blinking pattern and times will inform what kind of error it has. That way, you know what steps to take. Insufficient refrigerant is another possible cause of a blinking light, as the unit cannot produce cool air as it should. If the problem is too complex and beyond what you can handle, always opt for professional help. It is best to preserve the unit from damage.

Carrier Air Conditioner Cool On Blinking – Quick Fix

The thermostat is in delay mode if the Cool On icon is blinking on your Carrier air conditioner. It is a way for the unit to protect itself, especially if it runs the risk of short cycling. After about five minutes, the blinking should stop and the unit resumes regular operations. If the problem continues, you may have faulty wiring. Get a technician to check the thermostat and the unit to determine if there are faults and fix them.


Whenever you see a light blinking on your air conditioner, it is crucial to find out why and fix possible issues. The same is true for a Carrier air conditioner blinking. Check error codes or consult the user manual for errors that cause the light to blink, whether it is red, orange, yellow, or green. 

Also, check the main control board; an error on the board can trigger different problems. Always use the services of an HVAC technician if nothing else seems to fix the problems.

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