Carrier Air Conditioner Filter [“How to” Guide]

One of the primary reasons a Carrier air conditioner works optimally is the air filter. A Carrier air conditioner filter is a vital component of the unit’s functionality. This article discusses the filter and how to maintain it.

Carrier air conditioner filter

Where Is the Filter on a Carrier Air Conditioner?

You will find the air filter in the air handler of a Carrier air conditioner, which is the indoor unit. You may also find it outside the cabinet in the ductwork of the unit. The user manual that comes with the air conditioner usually specifies the exact location of the filter, so it should not be difficult to find. However, if you have issues locating it, contact the Carrier help center for further assistance.

How to Remove a Carrier Air Conditioner Filter

To remove the air filter in your Carrier air conditioning system, you must first turn off the unit. Press the power button to turn it off and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. This last part may not be necessary unless you want to do a thorough cleaning.

Next, open the indoor unit’s front grille or cover. Ensure you do not unmount the holding screws or remove the clamp at the center. The cover simply lifts until you hear a little click as it locks in place. Otherwise, use a suspension bar to keep the cover open while you remove the filter.

Now, hold the air filter and pull it toward you, so that it comes loose from its holder. It is a straightforward process. Some models have another filter under the main one you just removed. If yours has another one, which is called an air freshening filter, slide it down so that it loosens from the frame. Then, remove it.

How to Clean a Carrier Air Conditioner Filter

To clean the air filter in a Carrier air conditioner, you have to remove it from the unit. Once it is put, brush it to remove loose dirt; use a soft-bristled brush for this purpose and do it gently so that you don’t damage it. This step works if the filter is a reusable type and is significantly dirty. Next, put it in a sink and run warm or lukewarm water over it. Add a little mild soap to clean it, rinse it after cleaning, dry it with a towel, and leave it out to air-dry.

Always clean the filter every two weeks and replace it after five months. If your air conditioner has an air freshening filter, clean it every month and replace it as often as you do the main filter. Never leave the air filter for too long; otherwise, a dirty filter will cause health issues, functional issues and may damage the unit in the long run.

When the filter is dry, put it back into the air conditioner. If there is a second filter, ensure you insert it first before the main filter. Put them in the correct order and ensure the edges align. Check the user manual for the correct position or observe it before removing the filters for washing. Lastly, turn on the air conditioner and monitor it to be sure it is running as it should. If not, check the filters and rearrange them.

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How to Change the Filter in a Carrier Air Conditioner

Find the filter in the air handler or indoor unit, along the sides, bottom, or top of the cabinet. It may be vertical or horizontal, depending on how the indoor unit is positioned in the house. If you are finding it challenging, use the manual to find the filter.

Next, turn off the air conditioner and disconnect it from electric power. Inspect the old filter and learn the airflow direction before removing it. It is important because you need it to put the new filter correctly. Some air filters have arrows that point in the direction the air flows and how you should position it. 

Properly position the new air filter and secure the cover or panel in place. Run the air conditioner and see how it performs. If there are problems, check the filter, remove and reinsert it and run the unit again. And if the problem persists, call for professional help. However, it should not be a difficult task.


Learn how to remove, clean, or replace a Carrier air conditioner filter as often as the manufacturer recommends. Most times, it is a general rule for filters to be cleaned every two weeks or replaced every three months. Always purchase new filters from authorized dealers or the manufacturer using model numbers and types for the correct parts.

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