Window AC Compressor Not Working But Fan Is Running [Fixed]

Are you wrestling with the dilemma of your window AC compressor not working but fan is running? You’re not alone. This is a common, yet frustrating, issue that homeowners face. But hey, let’s take a deep breath and get this sorted out, step by step, shall we?

Window AC Compressor Not Working But Fan Is Running
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Understanding the Interplay Between the Compressor and Fan

It’s like a relay race. The compressor starts by compressing the refrigerant and the fan takes over, blowing the cool air into the room. If one drops the baton, you won’t feel the cool air you crave.


Common Symptoms of a Non-Working Compressor

Now let’s talk about symptoms, the tell-tale signs that your compressor might be singing the blues. It’s like when you start sneezing and coughing – you know you’ve probably caught a cold.

Fan is Running But No Cold Air

It’s a classic scenario – the fan is running its heart out, but the air it’s blowing is as warm as a summer’s day. It’s like your AC is teasing you, isn’t it? Well, your compressor might be the culprit.

Strange Noises from the Unit

If your AC unit starts making noises that would spook a ghost, it’s a sign something’s off. Banging, rattling, clicking – these aren’t the sounds of a healthy compressor.

Unusually High Energy Bills

Ever had that sinking feeling when you see your energy bill? If it’s shooting up for no apparent reason, it might be because your compressor is working too hard, or not working at all.

If the compressor motor is damaged, your compressor won’t work, plain and simple. Again, leave this one to the professionals.


Potential Causes of a Non-Working Compressor When Fan is Running

Now that we’ve done some detective work, let’s explore some possible villains that might be messing with your AC’s compressor.

Electrical Issues

Even in the world of ACs, electrical issues are the usual suspects.

Faulty Wiring

Imagine a marathon runner with shoelaces undone. That’s what an AC unit with faulty wiring is like. Bad wiring can prevent the compressor from getting the power it needs to function.

Capacitor or Relay Failure

The capacitor and relay are like the starting gun in a race. If they don’t work, the compressor doesn’t start. It’s as simple as that.

Mechanical Issues

Like any machine, an AC unit can fall victim to mechanical issues.

Seized Compressor

A seized compressor is like a stuck gear in a well-oiled machine. When the compressor seizes, it can’t pump refrigerant through the system, and the fan has no cool air to blow.

Blocked or Leaky Refrigerant Lines

A blocked or leaky refrigerant line is like a kink in a garden hose. It prevents the refrigerant from flowing, which can cause the compressor to fail.

Maintenance and Use Issues

Sometimes, the way you use or maintain your AC can be the problem.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

Imagine going for years without brushing your teeth. Gross, right? The same principle applies to your AC. Without regular maintenance, dirt and dust can accumulate and cause all sorts of problems, including a non-working compressor.

Improper Use or Overuse of the Unit

Running your AC 24/7 or setting the temperature too low can overwork the compressor. It’s like forcing a tired horse to keep running. Sooner or later, it’s going to collapse.


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Troubleshooting Window AC Compressor Not Working But Fan Is Running

Don’t lose heart. Your AC unit might just need a little TLC. Here’s how to play detective and get to the root of the problem.

Initial Checks

Sometimes, the solution is simpler than you think. Start by checking the obvious.

Check the Thermostat Setting

Did you double-check the thermostat? It might sound silly, but sometimes, the problem is as simple as a thermostat set too high.

Power and Circuit Breaker Checks

It’s like when your phone doesn’t turn on – first, you check if it’s charged. Similarly, check if your AC unit is properly plugged in and the circuit breaker isn’t tripped.

Intermediate Checks

If the basics are in order, let’s dig a little deeper.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A dirty unit is an unhappy unit. Regular cleaning can often work wonders. Check if the filters, condenser coils, and evaporator are clean.

Refrigerant Level Check

Running low on refrigerant can also cause the compressor to malfunction. It’s like trying to wash a car with a drop of water. You’ll need to get a professional to check the refrigerant levels though.

Advanced Checks

If you’re still coming up empty, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and look into some advanced checks.

Capacitor and Relay Check

The capacitor and relay provide the initial kick the compressor needs to start up. If they’re faulty, the compressor might not start at all. But be warned, fiddling with them can be dangerous, so you might want to get an expert involved.

Compressor Motor Check

If the compressor motor is damaged, your compressor won’t work, plain and simple. Again, leave this one to the professionals.


When to Call a Professional: Indicators and Benefits

DIY is great, but sometimes, you need to call in the cavalry. Here’s when you should get a professional involved and why it’s a good idea.

Indicators that You Need a Professional

If your AC is still blowing hot air after all your detective work, it’s time to call a professional. Also, if you spot signs of electrical issues, like burnt wires or tripped breakers, get a pro. Trust us, you don’t want to mess with electricity.

Benefits of Professional AC Repair and Maintenance

A professional AC technician can identify and fix problems quickly and safely. Plus, regular professional maintenance can prevent problems from cropping up in the first place. It’s like having a personal doctor for your AC.

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