What Size Goodman AC Do I Need? [Detailed Answer]

If you are asking yourself ‘what size Goodman AC do I need?’, you should find out the size of your home and the temperature needs. This article helps you determine these and answers your question.

What Size Goodman AC Do I Have?

Find the data sticker by the side of the air conditioner’s outside condenser unit. There, you will see the model number and the size of your AC in tons. Goodman measures its HVAC products in tons.

Locate the model number; it is usually labeled for easy identification. The number has a cluster of digits and numbers, and the size of the unit in tons is within the cluster. Find the two numbers in the middle of the numbers, but toward the right side. You should be able to divide the numbers by six or twelve, which is the air conditioner’s nominal British Thermal Unit (BTU) measured in thousands. 

Typically, one ton of air conditioning is equal to about 12,000 BTUs, so the two digits within the model number must be divisible by the nominal unit for the lowest ton, which is 12. For instance, if the model number reads GSX130241, the two digits that will help you find the size of the AC are 24. Divide 24 by twelve and you will find the size, which is two tons.

What Size Goodman AC Do I Need?

Knowing the correct size of a Goodman air conditioner to install in your home is not straightforward. While you may be tempted to buy one that is considerably bigger than your home space because of hot weather, it does not necessarily fix the heat issue. On the other hand, buying an AC unit that is smaller than your home is counterproductive.

If your home’s size is between 600 sq. ft. and 900 sq. ft., it will need a one-ton Goodman air conditioner to cool it. But if it is above 900 sq. ft. but below 1200 sq. ft., it will need a two-ton AC. A home between that number and 1500 sq. ft. needs a 2.5-ton Goodman air conditioner. From 1500 sq. ft. to 1800 sq. ft. needs a three-ton AC, and a home that is up to 2100 sq. ft. needs a 3.5-ton Goodman air conditioner. Four-ton and five-ton Goodman air conditioners fit homes that exceed 2100 sq. ft. and 2400 sq. ft.

You may not be familiar with the size of your home in square feet, but you can find out from your realtor. Then, you must also calculate the British thermal Unit the AC needs to cool your house. However, this article is a detailed explanation of different factors that determine the air conditioner size you choose.

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Quick Recap

You will be better able to answer the question of what size of Goodman AC you need if you follow this guide. Ensure you know your home’s size before purchasing the air conditioner so that you do not have a size too little or too big for your needs. You can also ask the manufacturer for a guide and the correct size of the AC when you are purchasing it.

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