How to Reset a Bryant AC Unit [Detailed Guide]

Sometimes, resetting your air conditioner is the only solution that gets it working again. Learn how to reset a Bryant Ac unit in this article.

How to Reset a Bryant AC Unit – Quick Guide

To reset a Bryant air conditioner, look for the circuit breaker that controls it. That means checking the breaker box outside the house. You may need professional assistance to reach the breaker, especially if you have never touched it. Once you find the breaker labeled for your air conditioner, turn it off.

Wait several minutes and turn it on again. The air conditioning system’s control board and compressor should reset, and the unit should resume its normal functions. A hard reset works when there is a sudden power outage, and it is restored. A surge can cause a temporary glitch that stops the appliance from working. Resetting it gets it up and running again. You can reach the Bryant Service Center if there are other issues with the air conditioner that the reset process cannot fix.

Important Notes 

These steps apply to all Bryant air conditioner types and models, including central air conditioning systems and split units. You can also follow these instructions to reset your Bryant air conditioner’s control panel or thermostat. Turning off the circuit breaker for thirty minutes resets the outdoor condensing unit. There is no separate button for resetting the condenser.

Where Is the Reset Button on a Bryant Air Conditioner?

Bryant air conditioners do not have a dedicated button for resetting them. This is true for all Bryant air conditioner models. You might have checked the user manual or browsed online for clues on where to find this button, but there is none. If you have one, resetting the unit means turning it from its dedicated breaker and leaving it off for some minutes. 

It is recommended that you leave the air conditioner off for about thirty minutes to allow the compressor, control board, and other internal components to reset. You may leave it off for a shorter time, but the reset may not be complete. Therefore, waiting thirty minutes for a complete reset is best before powering it.

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