How To Install A Window Air Conditioner

No one loves sweltering heat and thanks to the invention of the air conditioning unit, you don’t have to wait until winter before you can eradicate heat from your home or office.

This air conditioner is one of the many types of air conditioners we have today. These air conditioners, sometimes called room air conditioners, are one of the simplest types of air conditioners. They are strong, durable and most importantly, they are easy to install on windows or walls. 

This means that you can save your money by installing this air conditioning unit by yourself. The best part is that this air conditioner can be uninstalled and kept when summer is over.

So, if you have considered setting up your air conditioner by yourself, here is the right article for you.

What To Do Before Installing A Window Air conditioning unit

Before you install a window air conditioner, here is a list of important things you have to take care of. 

  • Find out if you are permitted to have a window air conditioner installed. While installing a window air conditioning unit isn’t usually a problem, you should make an inquiry, just in case. This is prudent, especially if you have to live a neighborhood that has a homeowners’ association committee. Also, it might not be allowed because of the possibility of improper installation that can lead to accidents.
  • Know the type of window you have and how it is positioned. Slider or casement windows are mostly inappropriate when it comes to installing a window air conditioner. A double-hung window comes in highly recommended for these types of air conditioners. Also, since you can’t use extension cords for air conditioners, ensure that a three-prong electrical outlet is close to the window of choice. For your window position, ensure that the air conditioning unit will not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Remember to measure the window. Get a measuring tape and get the window’s breadth and height measurements. This because window air conditioners vary when it comes to size. Getting an accurate measurement will save you from buying a window air conditioner that would be too large or too small for the window.
  • You have to know the square footage of the room that the window air conditioner will have to cool. Window air conditioners have different cooling power capacities. You must make sure that the size of the room matches the cooling capacity of the window air conditioning unit. Also, the number of people inhabiting the room is a great factor to consider.
  • Know the energy efficiency rating of the air conditioning unit. Air conditioners with eight to twelve energy efficiency help to save more electricity. The more electricity saved means that you won’t be getting exorbitant electricity bills.
  • Lastly, before you install a window air conditioner, ensure that there is someone available to help you. It is a two-man job as these air conditioners can be quite heavy. This also reduces the risk of getting injured and allows for easy maneuvering when it is time to screw it in place.

How To Install A Window Air Conditioner

Before you install a window Air conditioning unit, you will definitely need equipment.

Now, on how to install a window air conditioner in a double-hung (vertical sliding) window. That is a window that can open from top to bottom and vice versa.

  • First of all, clean the window sill and check for possible damages. If you find any damage, you should consider delaying the installation until the situation has been addressed. You need a strong window sill that can take the window air conditioner weight. If nothing is wrong with the window sill, proceed to the next step.
  • The next thing to do is to open up your window. Lift the lower sash of the double-hung window, position the air conditioner mounting brackets in the windowsill and screw them in with the appropriate screws. These mount brackets ensure that the air conditioner stays in place and reduce the risk of it toppling to the ground. If you are confused on how to secure your mounting brackets, just check the instructions guide that comes with the AC package. Using a carpenter’s level, make sure the mounts are balanced and leveled according to the instructional guide from the manufacturer.
  • If the windowsill is unable to support the air conditioning unit, there is no need to worry. You can get special supporting brackets that ensures that the window air conditioner stays in place. You simply attach it to the bottom part of the air conditioning unit and the exterior part of your wall. 
  • The next step involves the actual installation. With the help of someone, place the air conditioner on the secured mounting brackets. Once you do this, the air conditioner is automatically locked into place. If this does not happen, use a screwdriver and screw the air conditioning unit in. After this, try moving the air conditioner. If it moves, then it is not secured. Try to secure it again until there is no visible or noticeable movement.
  • Now, proceed to the accordion or extension panels. They always come along with the air conditioning unit. Slide these extension panels out and secure them to the window’s jamb. These panels ensure that there is space between the air conditioner and the window’s frame. It is advisable to have pilot holes drilled into the window’s lower sash prior to screwing in the accordion panels. Also, note that the window’s lower sash must be resting firmly on top of the air conditioner before screwing in the panels.
  • Now to the L or angle brackets. These are secured against the upper pane. It connects to the lower pane of the window in such a way that it prevents a forceful opening of the window. You should know that you might have to buy these brackets separately as some air conditioners do not come with them.
  • To ensure that the installation is airtight, fill any leftover space using strips of foams that come with the air conditioner. This ensures an efficient sealing of the air conditioning unit.
  • The final step is to power the air conditioner by plugging it into a three-prong electrical unit and enjoy the cool air.

Kindly click on the link below to watch a video on how to install a window air conditioner.

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Maintaining A Window Air Conditioner

Now, that you know how to install a window air conditioner, it is also important to know how to get the best of the air conditioning unit once you start using it. This is only possible through proper maintenance and care.

Ensure that you remove the plugs connecting the air conditioner to a power source before you start.

Unscrew the air conditioner, remove it from its mount and take it outside. Using a putty knife. Remove the front grille and air filter. Wash the two with warm water and mild household detergent. If there is mold on them, create a cleaning solution using water and bleach in a spray bottle. Spray this mix on them, let it sit for few minutes before wiping them with a damp clean cloth. Also, be sure to replace your air filter at appropriate times.

Get the condenser and evaporator coils. Vacuum the dirt and use a rinse-free coil cleaner on the coils to get rid of any clinging grime. 

The fins are to be wiped off every dirt too. Make sure you have a fin com handy to straighten the fins they become bent during the cleaning process.

Ensure that you constantly empty the drain pan. You can simply soak up the water with a rag until the pan is dry. This helps to prevent the growth of mold.


Installing a window air conditioner is not a herculean take. You only need patience, an assistant, the necessary equipment, and also to follow our instructions on how to install a window air conditioning unit. You should also consider all the factors we mentioned earlier before even beginning the process.

Apart from double-hung windows, you can also install a window air conditioner on a horizontal sliding window, a casement window, or even on a pop-up trailer. However, this requires extra equipment and laser-focused attention to detail. You don’t want your air conditioner to fall off due to improper installation.

Lastly, if you realize that you need more access to the window for specific reasons or cleaning, you can simply remove the air conditioner by unscrewing it from the panels and mounting brackets. Slide it out of the window sill and store it in a dry place. However, it is advisable to leave the air conditioning unit installed. One, the removal process is a tad difficult. Also, you might accidentally damage your air conditioner in the process or end up misplacing essential screws.

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