How to Find the Age of a Carrier Air Conditioner [Quick Guide]

Knowing the age of your air conditioner usually helps you determine the life expectancy from the date of purchase. This article explains how to find the age of a Carrier air conditioner.

how to find the age of a Carrier air conditioner

How to Find the Age of a Carrier Air Conditioner

The primary way to find the age of your Carrier air conditioner is to check the serial number. The number is boldly labeled, so you cannot miss it. The model you own may have a serial number with an alphabet in the middle, and four numbers preceding it.

The first two numbers in such a case represent the week of manufacture. The next two numbers before the alphabet in the middle represent the year of manufacture. For example, if you have a serial number like this – 0418E36054 – 04 represents week four and 18 represents 2018. Therefore, the unit was manufactured in the fourth week of 2018.

There are other methods of writing the serial number which differs from the one above. But they are still the way to know the age of the air conditioner. While the first one contains ten digits and one letter, this second one contains nine digits and no letters. 

For instance, you may see the digits 950305071; the first two digits represent the year of manufacture, which is 1995. The next two digits represent the month of manufacture and the rest of the numbers represent the sequence of production.

The next style of displaying the age of the air conditioner is by using a serial number starting with a letter. The letter at the beginning of the numbers represents the month of manufacture while the number after it represents the year of manufacture. For example, you may find this serial number – Q2D18004. The letter Q represents the month and the number 2 represents the year of manufacture.

This method applies only to Carrier air conditioners manufactured between 1980 and 1989. Below are two charts to help you know how to tell which letter or number belongs to which month or year…


Another method is where there are seven digits in the serial number. The same rule as the previous method applies to this one, but the difference is in the months. In this style, the month of manufacture is represented by letters between A to L. That is, A stands for January, B for February, C for March, D for April, and so on until you get to L for December. 

So, if you find a serial number like this – D890876 – the manufacture date is April 1988. The rest of the digits are the sequence of manufacture. Note that this method applies to Carrier air conditioners manufactured between 1970 to 1979.

There is a fifth method, but it applies to units manufactured before 1970. So, they have outlived their life expectancy and no longer apply. You can always contact the Carrier Service Center for help in determining the accurate age of your unit.

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How Long Should a Carrier Air Conditioner Last?

A Carrier air conditioner should last between fifteen and twenty-five years. The units are well-built and the manufacturers had durability and efficiency in mind when designing them. But while they are built to last many years, there are a few factors that can reduce their life expectancy.

A lack of proper maintenance can cause the air conditioner to wear out earlier than it should. The same applies if there is regular but poor maintenance. And if you live close to the sea or any other body of salty water, the water can cause corrosion in parts of the unit and wear it out. Also, using the air conditioner in a careless fashion will affect its lifespan.

Furthermore, incorrect installation affects how well the unit runs. You may find the compressor running all the time or some other parts not running at all. The same applies if you use it too much and never turn it off. In some cases, you may turn it off but not in the correct way. Additionally, an oversized or undersized air conditioner, according to the room size, will malfunction due to constant running or short cycling.

Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Carrier Air Conditioner

Run maintenance checks as regularly as possible. Ideally, run checks every three months or twice a year. Replace the air filters every month or three months, depending on the usage, or wash them just as often if they are reusable types. And if there is a danger of corrosion due to the environment, contact Carrier for care and protection tips.

Also, use the correct size of an air conditioner according to the square footage of the house or room. If it is too big, the unit will turn on and off too frequently, and if it is too small, it will constantly run. In addition, never ignore a warning sign from the unit for too long. Always seek professional help to keep the air conditioner running for a long time.


The age of your air conditioner informs you how long it has to function before you have to invest in a new one. Therefore, knowing how to check the age is crucial. Moreover, knowing the life expectancy may help you use the unit more carefully. 

This article discusses how to find the age of a Carrier air conditioner in a detailed manner. Check the information plate on the condensing unit for the serial number. Then, follow this guide to get the accurate age. However, if you have further questions, contact Carrier or use the services of an independent HVAC technician for assistance.

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