How to Bypass AC Compressor Pulley: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

This article will guide you on how to bypass AC compressor pulley in no time.

How to Bypass AC Compressor Pulley
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Steps on How to Bypass AC compressor pulley

Let’s begin, shall we?


Step 1: Preparing and Gathering Necessary Tools

Proper preparation is key. Before diving into the process, ensure you have the required tools. This involves obtaining a quality wrench set, safety goggles, protective gloves, and most importantly, a replacement serpentine belt designed to bypass the AC compressor.

Investing in quality tools ensures safety and a smoother process, reducing the chances of complications.

If you don’t have a wrench set, we highly recommend this 24-Piece All-Purpose Master Combination Wrench Set on Amazon.


Step 2: Getting Acquainted with the Serpentine Belt and Diagram

The serpentine belt is a continuous loop, driving multiple peripheral devices in your engine, including the AC compressor. After opening your car’s hood, you should locate this belt.

Typically, there’s a diagram nearby, often on a sticker or directly imprinted on a component, depicting its routing around various pulleys. This diagram will be your blueprint, showcasing how the belt should appear post the bypass.


Step 3: Relieving Tension and Safely Removing the Belt

The serpentine belt is kept taut by a tensioner pulley. To remove the belt, this tension must be reduced.

To do this, identify the tensioner pulley – it’s typically spring-loaded and has a square bolt head.

Using the appropriate wrench, turn the bolt counterclockwise. This action releases the tension.

With reduced tension, gently remove the serpentine belt from each pulley. While doing this, be patient, ensuring not to force or yank the belt, which can lead to damage.


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Step 4: The Actual Bypass of the AC Compressor Pulley

Now that the old belt is removed, it’s time to install the replacement belt, bypassing the AC compressor pulley.

The replacement belt must have tensile strength to prevent it from stretching and this Amazon-listed Bando USA 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt has an incredible tensile strength.

Referring back to your belt routing diagram, position the new belt around the pulleys, intentionally excluding the AC compressor pulley. While doing this, ensure the belt sits flush against each pulley’s surface, preventing any overlaps or twists – these can cause wear or a potential snap in the future.


Step 5: Reapplying Tension and Double-Checking Your Work

Once the new belt is in place, you need to reapply the tension. Use your wrench to rotate the tensioner pulley’s bolt clockwise. This action will re-tighten the serpentine belt.

Once tightened, double-check its alignment on all pulleys, ensuring there are no misplacements.

Before you conclude, perform a manual inspection by slowly rotating the belt with your hands (with the engine off) to ensure smooth movement.

After all these steps, fire up the engine and carefully observe the belt’s movement. If it runs smoothly without any wobbles and aligns perfectly with all pulleys, you’ve successfully bypassed the AC compressor pulley!

Regular inspections are recommended; keep an eye on the serpentine belt’s condition and alignment to ensure longevity and optimal performance.

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