Goodman Air Conditioner Freezing Up [How to Fix]

An air conditioner should not freeze up. So if you find a Goodman air conditioner freezing up, finding the source of the problem and fixing it is the top priority.

Goodman Air Conditioner Freezing Up – Solutions

There are two possible causes of a Goodman air conditioner freezing up: one is a leak in the closed system and two is an obstruction in the flow of air. Both possible causes are serious issues and must be handled as quickly as possible.

The first step is to defrost the coil that is frozen, and other parts of the air conditioner that have iced up. So, turn the AC off from the disconnect and allow it to sit for some time until all the ice melts. 

But bear in mind that the water from the melting ice may be too much for the air conditioner drain to handle. Therefore, ensure you allow the water to drain before turning the AC back on and try channeling the water properly.

The following are factors cause the air conditioner to freeze up:

1. Obstructed Airflow

A few factors interfere with the airflow in an air conditioner. A dusty air filter will suffocate the vents and cause a reduction in the airflow. If you have not replaced the filter in a long while, or have never replaced it, it will affect the air conditioner. It is time to purchase the correct type of filter and replace the old one with it.

The blower may have a defective motor, and this can cause a reduction in the flow of air. When the air that travels over the evaporator coil reduces, the coil will freeze. Check the motor and replace it if you find it is no longer working.

Check the supply vents to be sure they are fully open. The vents all need to be open for the air to freely flow. Also, check the ductwork to ensure it is unobstructed and is not collapsed. Dirt and debris can obstruct it and cause the air conditioner to malfunction. Fix the ductwork if necessary. You may also have to clean the evaporator coil after it thaws to remove dirt. 

Blocked airflow stops all the cold air from leaving the unit. And when the cold air is trapped, it begins to freeze the unit. It needs to find a way to expel from the unit if the freezing problem must end.

But if the above fixes do not solve the problem of freezing and it continues, check the closed system.

2. Closed System Leak

The system may be leaking refrigerant or freon, which means the air conditioner will run more than it needs to in order to cover for the loss. This will lead to freezing inside the unit, and not just on the evaporator coil. 

A drop in the pressure in the evaporator indicates the freon is possibly colder than the dew point. This factor causes an increase in humidity and the moisture in the air will condense on the coil and freeze. The ice will eventually obstruct the airflow which, in turn, will make the freezing problem worse. Let a professional take a look at the air conditioner to fix the leak and determine whether it needs more refrigerant.

The metering device may cause frozen air conditioning if it malfunctions or gets clogged. Again, the solution lies in the hand of a professional HVAC technician, so it is best to hire one to fix the problem.

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Why Does AC Unit Keep Freezing Up?

The likeliest reason your air conditioner keeps freezing up is a possible refrigerant leak. Other possible causes are unforeseen temperature changes and obstructed airflow. These are not common problems, but when they happen, the best step is to contact the manufacturer for quick service. You can opt for an independent technician to find the sources of the problems and fix them.

There are a few things you can do such as replacing clogged air filters, changing fans that no longer work, using a thermometer to know the exact air temperature, adjusting the AC accordingly, or turning it off entirely. Before all of these, thaw the frozen air conditioner by turning it off, along with the thermostat, until the ice completely melts. Then, you can set the temperature of the air conditioner to the correct setting for your home.


A Goodman air conditioner freezing up should be fixed and serviced as quickly as possible. An HVAC professional is the best technician to handle it because they can find the exact source and fix it before it becomes an even bigger problem.

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