Do Air Conditioners Clean the Air? [Detailed Answer]

In this article, we answer the question ‘do air conditioners clean the air’ in a detailed manner. If you have been looking for answers to the question, you have come to the right place.

Do Air Conditioners Clean the Air?

Air conditioners clean the air to remove contaminants and pollutants. The primary job of an air conditioner is to provide cool air, and if it has a heat pump, to provide heating when necessary. But it also has other purposes, such as acting as a dehumidifier and cleaning the air of impurities.

As the air in your home enters through the vents, it must pass through the air filter inside the air conditioner. The filter removes most of the particles and pollutants in the air and allows only mostly clean air to reach the evaporator coil. The job of the filter is a critical one if you want to have clean air in your home. This is part of the reason you must check and replace the filter every month.

All air filters are not the same. Some have better purifying powers than others, and you can determine that from their minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). Each air filter has a MERV ranging from one to twenty, and the higher the value, the better it is at filtering dirt from the air.

It is best to use an air filter that ranks up to eighth on the MERV scale. At this value, the air filter can rid the air of dust, hair, mold, and pollen. A higher value means it can remove all the debris as well as virus and bacteria particles circulating in the air. In other words, some air conditioners will do a better job of cleaning the air than others.

Important Note

All air conditioners clean the air, whether it is a portable unit, window, or wall unit. But you must remove and clean the filters every two weeks to keep them working optimally. When they get too old for use, replace them, making sure to purchase new ones using the air conditioner’s model number and type. Remember to check its value on the MERV scale if you want cleaner air in your home.

Intentionally keeping your home clean and free of debris as much as possible also helps to provide clean air. The air conditioner can only do so much, especially if you have pets. Do not leave the job of air purification solely to the air conditioner; it may be counterproductive.

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Does an Air Conditioning System Clean the Air of Smoke/

An air conditioning system can clean the air of smoke and accompanying particles. Although filtering the air is not an air conditioner’s primary job, it helps to remove pollutants. However, the efficacy of the unit in filtering the air will depend on the type of filter you use.

Not every type of air filter can remove smoke from the air. Some are more capable than others, so you must specifically request such a filter if necessary. When you find and use it, it can remove smoke odors, chemicals, soot, ash, and other debris that come with smoke. It may also be able to neutralize gases that prove harmful to health.

The percentage of air filters that can clean the air of smoke is pretty low. Most air filters do not have the technology required to remove the tiny particles that make up smoke. In truth, smoke particles are some of the smallest, making them easy to pass through most air filters.

Do Air Conditioners Need to Be Cleaned?

Air conditioners need to be cleaned once a month. This is especially true if you frequently use it. One of the most critical parts to clean is the air filter because it has the job of purifying the air in your home. This article is a detailed guide on how to clean different parts of your air conditioner.

It is crucial to clean your air conditioner if you want good air quality inside your home or workplace. A dirty air conditioner stops producing cool air, no matter how long you leave it running. The air filter typically needs to be removed and cleaned every two weeks or every month to keep it up and running.

If an air conditioner is significantly dirty, it will affect different working parts. The evaporator coil will freeze, the condenser will trap heat and affect the compressor and air conditioner’s cooling capacity. Also, dirt may damage the blower and smaller components. A dirty unit may even encourage mold growth and bacteria infestation.


If you are asking yourself ‘do air conditioners clean the air?’, the answer is they do but not 100 percent. It is not the job of an air conditioner to keep the air clean; it purifies the air to prevent too much dirt from entering and causing damage. Therefore, it is best not to leave the entire air filtration job to the air conditioning system.

Ask the air conditioner manufacturer for the best air filter recommendation, especially if you have specific needs. Check its rating on the MERV scale because it will help you determine whether or not it will work. If you are unsure, get the help of a professional for further assistance.

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