Carrier Air Conditioner Timer [Issues Solved]

The timer in an air conditioner makes it easy to use the unit. Learn how to fix a Carrier air conditioner timer in this article.

Carrier air conditioner timer

Carrier Air Conditioner Timer Light Blinking – Quick Fix

If you find the timer light blinking in your Carrier air conditioner, it may be a good sign. Check to see if the system worked before the timer light started blinking. If the air conditioner works well, it may be that the unit is trying to protect itself from an unusual issue. In other words, it may be alerting you to a problem with your air conditioner.

The refrigerant pressure may be too high or too low. In such a case, check the air filter, condenser coil, condenser fan motor, or a sealed system leak. Also, a compressor problem can cause the timer light to blink. In addition, the timer function may be malfunctioning. Contact the Carrier Service Center or hire an HVAC technician for further assistance.

Carrier Air Conditioner Timer Off – What to Do

You may have to set the timer again if it goes off. Typically, the timer goes off when it reaches the time you set. For example, if you set the air conditioner to go off in two hours, the unit will operate until the set time. Then, it will automatically go off. In other words, the timer is a function where you can set the time between the operation and the stop of operation. After that, the function stops until you set another time. Another possibility is that you pressed the Cancel button to cancel the timer.

How to Set Timer on a Carrier Air Conditioner

To set the timer again, ensure the air conditioner is operating. Locate the timer button on the remote control; it usually has an On and Off option. Press the timer button to activate the function and use the up and down buttons to choose the desired time. Then, select Set to complete the process. Next, set the time when the timer goes off. Use the Off buttons to select the time when the timer goes off and press Set.

Here is a video demonstrating how to use the Timer function…

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Carrier Air Conditioner Timer Not Working – Fixed

Ensure you turn on the air conditioner. The timer function cannot activate if the unit is off. When you turn it on, be sure to point the remote directly at the unit while setting the timer. The remote must have contact with the receiver in the air conditioner before it can work.

If there is a problem, it may stem from the air conditioning system or remote control. There may be no way to tell the source of the timer issue unless you get a professional HVAC technician to check the functionality. Therefore, contact Carrier or employ the services of an independent technician.


A Carrier air conditioner timer is part of what makes the unit functional and easy to use. You do not have to turn off the air conditioner manually, especially when you are out of the house. You can use the function to set the time for when it automatically turns off.

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