Carrier Air Conditioner Remote Control [How to, Issues & Solutions]

Remote controls are convenient ways to use an appliance’s functions from the comfort of your chair or any part of the room. This article explains how to use the Carrier air conditioner remote control.

Carrier air conditioner remote control

Carrier Air Conditioner Remote Control Lock

To lock the remote control of your Carrier air conditioner, press the Timer On and Timer Off buttons at the same time. Hold them for about two seconds or more; the display will flash and go off. When you press any button on the remote, there is usually no response. This feature is convenient when you have children or pets around. Follow the same process to unlock the remote control.

Carrier Air Conditioner Remote Control Symbols

Most air conditioners have the same symbols on the remote controls that show what different functions are. The remote control of a Carrier air conditioner is no different, and this article shows different symbols with their meaning.

Carrier Air Conditioner Remote Control Not Working – What to Do

First, check the batteries to ensure they are in good working condition. If they have been in use for a long time, you may want to replace them. And if you replace them, check the polarity of each battery before inserting it; the + sign on the battery must align with that in the battery compartment of the remote control. The same applies to the – sign.

Next, try the remote again. If the problem persists, check the sensor on the remote. Sometimes, dust or a smudge of dirt covers it and prevents a proper connection to the sensor in the air conditioner. If it applies, thoroughly clean the remote and try it. When doing so, ensure you stand within the sensor’s range. The user manual should indicate the range within which the sensor is most active. If you are too far, the remote may not work well.

However, if none of the above works, the remote control may be faulty. You may not know until you try another remote control on the air conditioner. If the remote is the issue, replace it. Otherwise, check the unit’s main control board. There is an infrared receiver on the board that works with the remote. It is the part that receives the remote’s signals, and if it stops working, the remote cannot communicate with the board. If the receiver is bad, replace the control board.

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Carrier Air Conditioner Remote Control Functions

The following are the essential functions of a Carrier air conditioner remote control:

The Mode button allows you to select the operating mode for the air conditioner. There are five modes: cool, dry, auto, fan, and heat. Pressing the Mode button switches the mode of operation from one to another. Keep your eyes on the display of the remote until the desired operating mode is selected.

The Timer buttons allow you to set a timer for the period when the air conditioner turns on and off. The function is ideal for saving energy and regulating the unit’s operating time. You can set the time to function in 24 hours with hourly changes as you desire. Use the Temp buttons to set the desired time as displayed on the remote.

The Fan Speed button allows you to set the fan speed. There are four speed settings available: high, medium, low, and auto. Setting the fan to Auto is usually the best because the air conditioner regulates its function, turning it on and off when the compressor is operating or cycles off.

The Temp buttons allow you to move the temperature setting up or down on the air conditioner. You can adjust the set temperature lower or higher using the up or down arrow button. With these buttons, you can also set the timer for the Timer function.

The Direction button allows you to change the wind direction from the air conditioner. And the button labeled Swing adjusts the way the vents swing each time air comes out of the air conditioner. In other words, you can use the button to start the vents’ swing function or stop it.

Pressing the reset button at the bottom of the remote control wipes unique configuration and settings and returns the remote to its factory setting. The button is helpful when the remote control malfunctions or develops an error that nothing else seems to fix.

The F/C button allows you to select the temperature display mode, either in degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius. Press the button once to switch from the current display to the desired one, and press it again to take it back to the previous setting.

The Sleep button works best at night to help maintain the right temperature and conserve energy. Typically, the temperature drops at night, and running an air conditioner at this time is counterproductive. This function increases the set temperature until the unit eventually turns off while you sleep.

The Follow Me button moves the airflow to wherever the remote control is in a room. The function helps you maximize the cool air from the air conditioner because if you hold the remote control, the airflow finds you. It is available only on select models of Carrier air conditioners, not all of them.

Eco Mode turns the compressor and fans off when the room temperature is cool enough. It is the energy-saving mode that does not allow the compressor to run longer than necessary, thereby reducing energy consumption. However, the compressor and fan resume function when the room temperature rises past a certain point.

On some models, you will find the Turbo button. The function speeds up the cooling time of the unit by keeping the compressor and fans running at maximum capacity. When the internal temperature drops to the preset point, which happens faster with the function, it automatically turns off. The same applies if you are heating the room.

Specific models have other functions and the user manuals for such models detail what each function does and how to use it. If you have further questions about the remote control’s functions, contact Carrier Support Center for assistance.


Using a Carrier air conditioner remote control is not an arduous task. The symbols abd functions are straightforward, and the user manual explains the guiding steps to use each function. You will find the Mode button that allows you to switch from one mode of operation to another as you press it. You will also find the Sleep, Turbo, Eco, Follow Me, and Fan Speed buttons, among others.

If you have issues with the remote control, check the batteries. If you have to replace the batteries, put them in the correct order. Also, ensure you stand within the recommended range for the senor to engage with the control board. Furthermore, ensure nothing is blocking the sensor’s path to the unit. However, you may have to replace the remote control or the unit’s control board if nothing else fixes the problem. Contact Carrier or find an authorized dealer for the best replacements.

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